5 Reasons Fruit Shoot is a Must for Keeping Kids Hydrated

by Jennifer Wieland
5 Reasons Fruit Shoot is a Must for Keeping Kids Hydrated #ItsMyThing

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who’s summers are a flutter of constant activity. I plan things to do almost every single day to insure the kids get out of the house and off of the electronics. I want them to be unplugged as much as possible and enjoying all that sunshine, beautiful blue skies and gorgeous weather while they can. Back-to-school has a way of sneaking up on us quickly each year. All that go-go action and time outside in the sun means I need to keep the kids hydrated. In our house Fruit Shoot is an absolute must for keeping the kids hydrated during all of our summertime fun!

5 Reasons Fruit Shoot is a Must for Keeping Kids Hydrated #ItsMyThing

5 Reasons Fruit Shoot is a Must for Keeping Kids Hydrated 

  1. The resealable cap allows children more independence and lets Fruit Shoot® go with you all day. I don’t have to worry about drinks spilling in the car or our pool bag. No bugs are also getting in with the resealable cap.
  2. The bottle is designed for on-the-go and is durable enough to withstand adventure. Whether we are on a nature hike, or the kids are hopping out of the pool for a quick drink the child size sports bottle design is meant to fit little hands perfectly.
  3. Pouches aren’t great for saving if unfinished but Fruit Shoot® is perfect for popping in the fridge for later consumption.
  4. Pouch or box drinks tend to shoot up through the straw if the kids grab them quickly and with a little too much force. Straws can also get lost easily. I’m sure we’ve all come across a pouch or box missing its straw.
  5. Fruit Shoot® has options I can get behind as a parent. The flavor options are favorites among my kids and I like that I can get sugar-free varieties as well as varieties made with real sugar, not corn syrup.

5 Reasons Fruit Shoot is a Must for Keeping Kids Hydrated #ItsMyThing

Fruit Shoot® is produced by Robinsons. Robinsons has been a trusted company in the U.K. for more than a century. Now they are sharing their goal to make both parents and kids happy with parents and kids in the U.S. To find out where to buy Fruit Shoot® or more about the flavors head over HERE.






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