College Saving Tricks for Moms

by Jennifer Wieland

As a mom, it is your job to keep everyone on track. You are responsible for ensuring everyone is fed and clothed. You also have to think ahead to college. By taking control and starting a college savings account for your children, you can help to give them a bright future. However, when finances are tight, as is the case in many homes, it can be tough to figure out how to save. Here are some college savings tricks you can enjoy.College Saving Tricks for Moms

Know the Options

While you certainly can open a savings account to put money aside for your child’s college, there are some other options that allow you to make more use of your money. The most popular choice is a 529 plan. You can either use a 529 savings or 529 prepaid tuition plan. The savings plan is similar to a retirement account except you can get a lot of tax breaks with them. The money in these accounts is invested to hopefully help build it at a quicker rate.  The prepaid tuition plan, as the name suggests, lets you prepay tuition at your chosen institution at current rates, which can save you big on inflation. Reviewing your college savings plan options is a good first step.

Develop a Plan for Saving

Before you can start to save, you need to know you have the money to do it. You should go over your budget and add in college savings as an expense. Putting it in your budget makes it much easier to just slip the money away each time you pay bills.
You also can go over your bills and try to find a way to reduce them. Often shopping around or just calling in can help you get lower rates. A good trick for saving on insurance is to visit a local insurance office. The face-to-face interaction makes things more personal and encourages them to work hard to find you a good deal.

Give Up Something to Help Out

Sometimes extra money is hard to come by. However, most people have one or two things they spend money on that they don’t really need. Fast food lunches and expensive coffee drinks are two examples. These things may be something you really enjoy but cutting them out or just cutting them down can free up a nice amount of money that can go towards the college savings.

Use the Grocery Store Trick

When you are shopping for groceries, always hunt out the deals. These days most grocery store receipts will include a line that tells you how much you saved. This leads to a nice trick to saving money easily. Every time you grocery shop, you put whatever you saved in a savings account. This can add up really fast, especially if you shop for deals and use coupons.
Saving money for your kid’s college expenses doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. You can work ways to save into your everyday life easily. It is all a matter of just being a bit more aware of how you spend and making a few new choices in what you spend.

Are you or did you save for your child(ren)’s college?




How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

by Jennifer Wieland
How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy



Most parents will tell you that getting their kids to eat healthy is an uphill battle, surpassed only by wrestling kids down for a nap or perhaps getting them into the tub for a much-needed bath. And yet, it’s critical to get something of real, nutritional value into your kids’ bellies. They can’t just eat pizza and fruit snacks all day, every day—so what’s a poor parent to do?

Well, a lot of it boils down to creative thinking. Think critically about how you prepare, present, and plate healthy foods, and you may be surprised by how willing your kids are to eat substantive, nutritious foods.

We’ll show you what we mean in the list that follows.

Creative Ways to Present Healthy Food to Your Kids

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy


Some unique ways to make healthy eating fun for your kids include:

  • Turn sunny-side-up eggs into egg flowers! Use colorful bell pepper pieces to create the outer edges of the flowers, with the eggs themselves in the middle.
  • You can also use veggies to create a skeleton! Use a bowl of ranch dressing as the head, making a face in it with tomatoes or bell paper pieces. You can use sliced cucumber, peppers, and carrots to fill out the rest of the body. This is an especially fun idea for a Halloween-themed veggie tray!
  • This one will be a bit labor-intensive, but if you’re willing to cut some equal-sized cubes of fruit, you can stack them together to form a visually stunning Rubik’s cube fruit salad! Whoa!
  • Another fun idea is to cut an apple into the shape of a friendly owl! To see how, check out these images and instructions.
  • You can pretty easily smuggle broccoli into your kids’ mac and cheese—a great compromise, letting them enjoy one of their favorite meals while also ingesting something of actual, nutritional substance.
  • Make a bread boat! Cut pieces of whole grain bread into the shape of a boat and its sails, then use celery sticks and raisins to decorate. Goldfish crackers can make for a thematic side dish!
  • Use colorful fruits and berries to make your own original work of art—a colorful arrangement or design that will catch eyes and get your kids pumped about eating something yummy.
  • For dinner one night, create a burger bar! Lay out some yummy toppings and replicate the experience of your kids’ favorite burger place! Make black bean burgers if you want to really play up the healthy angle; your kids likely won’t be able to tell!

Really, anything you do to make the food look exciting and fun will go a long way toward helping your kids forget about their qualms and give it a try. Of course, some of these strategies will work better than others, just depending on your kids and their taste. Play around with some of them today, and see which ones go over the best!



Twenty-One Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

by Jennifer Wieland
Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

I started college when I was seventeen and found out a few months in that I was pregnant. I was terrified! I lived at home and my mother always told us kids if we got pregnant or got anyone pregnant (for my brother) to not bother coming home. With that drilled into my head I was petrified to tell my parents that they were on their way to becoming grandparents and I did a pretty good job of hiding it from my family until the end of March. At that point I finally started showing and they pieced it together and promptly freaked out when they found out how far along I was. Luckily though they did not kick me out but helped instead. What a relief that turned out to be because about four weeks before my due date I got preeclampsia and blew up like a balloon overnight due to all of the water I was retaining. Hello 68 pounds in two weeks! So thirteen days before my due date at 3:36 a.m. after 24 hours of back labor twenty-one years ago my life changed forever in the most amazing, wonderful and awe-inspiring way for the first of six times. I welcomed my son Brandon Michael into the world where despite being a couple of weeks early he came in at a whopping 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 22″ long. (Thank God he did not have time to get any bigger!)

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

Having him when I did made me a single, teen mother and it was hard and I worried whether or not I would do a good job all of the time. I didn’t care that I couldn’t go out and party. In fact, I didn’t want to because honestly I already had the greatest little guy at home. So instead, my little man and I hung out together and have continued to throughout the years. (He’s such a great kid he went and sat through Les Miserables with me just to make me happy one night while he was home from school.) While he knows I am Mom and not his friend he knows he can talk to me about anything and he often does still, which makes me happy to know that he still needs me for advice. Sometimes there were points that it felt like we were growing up together. Me trying to stumble my way through adulthood and him through childhood as best as we both could while holding each others hands. We made it through though and he is a smart, kind and caring man now who I couldn’t be more proud of. He is heading into his senior year of college at a great private school with a 3.7 GPA as a Geology major with a minor in Economics. He has landed a great internship for this summer and last and is looking at grad schools now.

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

He is now all grown-up and a man but he will always be my first baby, the first of the six pieces of my heart and my one constant throughout my adult life.

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

Happy Birthday Brandon!


#LoveMe Challenge Day 9

by Jennifer Wieland

It’s funny, yesterday I shared a picture of my right foot for day 8 where we had to share a scar. You can see it here. You see my bovine graft scar on my ankle and my splotchy legs and feet from Schamberg’s Disease make me very self-conscious in warm weather months. People always start or ask questions. I think they think it’s contagious or something.

Anyway, today is day 9 of the #LoveMe Challenge and we are supposed to share something beautiful. The reason this is all so funny to me is that the thing I think is beautiful is also scarring that many people hate. I had my first baby at 18. Got pregnant at 17. I have had 5 more babies since then. With almost every one of them there was some medical issue. With my very first one I had preeclampsia and I retained so much water that in a couple of weeks I gained 68 pounds. Now let me tell you, that will do horrible things to your body when you bloat like that. I went from hardly being able to tell I was pregnant to having to wear men’s shoes because my feet would not fit in anything else. I also got almost instant stretch marks.

I hated the stretch marks for a long, long time. I thought this just makes me look awful no matter what size I am. Then one day a few of years ago something clicked and my perspective of them changed. My now nine-year old son saw my stomach when I was reaching for something up high. He said, “What’s that?” Then proceeded to poke me in my stomach. I asked him what he meant? He said, “How did you get those zebra stripes?” I then explained to him that when mommies have babies in their tummies sometimes the skin stretches too much and it leaves those marks. He said, “Cool! We gave you zebra stripes! I wish I had some!” I smiled and giggles at that. I also realized he thought it was cool that all of my babies had left me with a mark and I realized that he was brilliant.

So now I realize that my stretch marks aren’t ugly. They are my zebra stripes that my babies gave me to always remember them by and there is nothing more beautiful than that.

#LoveMe Challenge Day 6

by Jennifer Wieland
#LoveMe Challenge Day 6

 FTC Disclosure

#LoveMe Challenge Day 6

#LoveMe Challenge Day 6

A Note to your future self…

Dear future me,

Now it’s time for you. You have raised your children and mothered your entire adult life. Go, enjoy some freedom, some fun. Take some time to find out more about you. Don’t keep dreaming about seeing the world, get out there and do it. You have earned it. Don’t let others hold you back from finding your happiness, not even if one of those people is you.

I am sorry that this will end up being hard on you. It’ll be scary because I never demanded that I have me time. That my happiness matter. Others need to learn how to function without you doing everything and you need to learn how to function where you are a priority.

Have faith in yourself! I know you can do it!


Your past self

Do you want to follow along and see what other bloggers are participating? Then head on over to Pepper Scraps. The #LoveMe Challenge is a one month challenge to learn to love yourself.

What would you tell your future self?

#LoveMe Challenge Day 5

by Jennifer Wieland
#LoveMe Challenge Day 5

FTC Disclosure

#LoveMe Challenge Day 5

Today’s #LoveMe Challenge on Day 5?

A note to your past self…

Dear 17-year-old me,

I know you are a freshman in college with a bright future and you think you are on top of the world. You think you are going to be an artist and travel the world. Soon, you will learn that you are pregnant with your first child instead. His father will not be in your life for half of the pregnancy or in the child’s life except for two visits when he is one. You are going to end up hiding your pregnancy from your parents out of fear for nearly seven months. Once they find out though things get even worse. Family and people in the community will talk about you and not in a positive light. You will question yourself. Wonder if you are making the right decision.

This child is going to change your entire existence. You will lose friends. They won’t understand that you can’t go out because you are exhausted from being up with a sick, teething or fussy baby all night. They will have no concept of what it’s like trying to get a babysitter because they are young and carefree still. That you can’t go to the mall to shop because you need to buy formula and diapers with the money you have.

You will struggle! You will have to work hard to advance in the work place because A) your female and B) you dropped out of college and chose the technology field to work in. You’ll succeed though and you will advance and become a very hard worker always willing to take on more just to learn more. You will have two more out of your six children while young.

You will learn that there are many good things to come with this future life too. You’ll learn what complete and total love is the first time you see each of your children born. You will understand wanting to give someone else everything that you are and everything you have. That every milestone is like the greatest miracle you can be given. You will watch your children grow. You will survive and come out stronger from an abusive relationship and find someone who loves you and the three children you bring with you. You will add three more children. You will learn that you can face raising special needs children and do it well. They will grow and beat all of the expectations people give them. You will watch all of them grow and love it and them to the moon and back. You will end up being a teen mother who raises a child who goes to college as an athlete and academic and continues to excel.

Don’t doubt yourself. You can do it!


Future you

Do you want to follow along and see what other bloggers are participating? Then head on over to Pepper Scraps. The #LoveMe Challenge is a one month challenge to learn to love yourself.

What would you tell your past self?

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#LoveMe Challenge Day 4

by Jennifer Wieland
#LoveMe Challenge Day 4

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#LoveMe Challenge Day 4

I did a blog post on the first to kick off the #LoveMe Challenge. The last two days I have done the challenge via my social media outlets as those two seemed to be better suited for that. Today I think an actual blog post is more fitting. Today is day 4 of the challenge and for today we are supposed to name a person who loves you.

I figured this one would be easy. I mean how hard could it be to name someone. Then I thought about it and realized I was not sure who to name. Should I pick my husband? What about one of parents? Maybe one of the kids? My sister? Hmmm… who to pick? Trying to pick became difficult because then I started thinking about who loved and WHY?

Then it hit me. That is the whole point of today’s exercise. Trying to figure out who you should pick shows you everyone that does in fact love you. It makes you realize how lucky you are to have so many people in your life that do love you and if they love you then there must be a reason they do, right? I know my parents love me and it’s not just because I am their daughter. No, I know my mom loves me because she thinks I am a good mom. I know my father loves because he knows I will always try to take a chance and I work hard. My husband loves me because I care for him and the kids and give everything for them and ask for little in return. The kids? Of course they love me, I am mommy. I will say in this though, my oldest loves me because he can now understand how much I sacrificed to have my oldest three as young as I did. My sister? She loves me because we are sisters and also because we are best friends. We may fight or argue but we know nobody will defend us to the world like the other will.

So, who you may ask did I pick as my person? Once I realized all of the stuff above it came to me. The person who loves me is any person I love. You see, I would only love someone who could love me in return.

So now you tell me… Who is a person who loves you?

Check out my responses for day 2 & day 3.

#LoveMe Challenge Prompts



#LoveMe Challenge: Learn to Love YOU in February: Follow & Join In

by Jennifer Wieland
#LoveMe Challenge Prompts

A few weeks ago Pepper over at Pepper Scraps asked a bunch of us bloggers if any of us would be interested in doing a #LoveMe Challenge this month. It sounded like a great idea to me. So many women have body and self-worth issues and I know I am one of them. I decided I was going to jump on board and give this a try. Some days I may be posting to the blog. Other days I will be broadcasting that days item to a social media channel instead.

#LoveMe Challenge Prompts

Today’s challenge to kick things off is to answer why we are doing the #LoveMe Challenge. Well,  I am doing the challenge for me. I need to find me and be happy with the person I find. I knew I had self-esteem issues but last week they just slapped me in the face talking with my daughter.

This is what happened… I was talking with my daughter who just turned 5 today. I looked at her and said, “You’re so pretty!” Her response threw me for a loop. She looked back at me and said, “I know I’m bootiful! Eveyyyyyybody tells me so.” Then she proceeded to bounce off and go play. I looked at her and I was shocked. All of my children have an immense amount of self-confidence and high self-esteem. People have actually commented on it to me at times and I wondered after talking to my daughter how on Earth did I give children such great self-esteem when I am one of the most self-deprecating people you will ever meet. There are only a few small things about myself that I feel comfortable or happy with and I realized that this needs to change. My daughter who is so small sees her worth better in her few short years on this Earth than I do in all of the almost 40 that I have been here. How sad is that?

I now see that I need to learn a few things from others and learn to respect, value, appreciate and #LoveMe for who I am. I need to get past the negative that I bring into my own soul and that I allow others to give me. I need to find my happy and accepting place.

Do you want to follow along? Then be sure to follow my social media outlets and you can head over to Pepper’s blog, Pepper Scraps and check out the other bloggers that are participating and see what each of them is sharing throughout the challenge. You can also share and answer the prompts each day via your own social media networks. Let’s make this a month of being happy with you!

Cookies N Creme Brownies & A Jam Packed Day

by Jennifer Wieland

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day with a little bit of everything. You see we had a day packed full of things we had to do and while some things were fun and happy others were sad and bittersweet.

Yesterday, would have been my mother-in-laws birthday. I adored my mother-in-law! She was an amazing woman who raised five pretty, great kids. She enjoyed living life and enjoyed being with her family. She had reached a stage in life where you just do what you want with no apologies. She was known to stick out her tongue at people and moon people. Their was even an attempted mooning at my wedding reception… lol. God, I miss her! She would knit everyone these amazing afghans and cook for the family all the time. We would spend Friday nights at her house where she would cook up chili and everyone would snack on her chex mix, drinking beer and playing dominoes. It was great and is sorely missed by the family now that both of my in-laws are gone. When my mother-in-law was ill she started giving people in the family things. Things she wanted them to have. She gave me her recipe box. For someone like me who loves baking, being the keeper of the family recipes is an honor and a privilege.

My mother-in-law Patsy and me.

My mother-in-law Patsy and me.

So my group and my sister-in-law went to go visit my in-laws at the cemetery. We had not been since my father-in-law’s service last year. Both of them were cremated and my father-in-law still wanted to keep her with him like he had been. So we made the drive to the cemetery on a grey and gloomy day and located their spot. It was nice having at least two of her children there to wish her a Happy Birthday.

From there we had to head to my dad’s family reunion. You see, yesterday also would have been my grandmother’s birthday. She was a great woman who raised 12 children. No, you didn’t read that wrong, I said 12. She was a tiny thing too. I think I was taller than her by 4th grade. I was always amazed at how happy she could be with her house always overrun by so many people on any given day, and holidays? Forget about it. Yesterday was the first time all 12 of her children were together in years. It was amazing seeing them all in the same place at the same time. They all had most of their children their too and the older ones in the group also had some of their grandchildren there as well.


My grandfather with his twelve children in order behind him. My dad is the third kid.

It’s funny, you tell people how big the family is and they are like, oh that doesn’t sound so bad but then they see it and it is a bit overwhelming. (There are 34 grandchildren and over 40 great-grandkids.) Like I said not all of the cousins made it or it would have been truly mind-blowing. So it was bittersweet yesterday. It was great to have so many of us together but it would have been better if my grandma was still here to be a part of it.

Family Reunion Group

The family and this is not even everyone!

My brother did not make the family reunion yesterday. He had other, bigger plans. He called us there though to tell us when he was done. You see, he decided to finally put a ring on it and ask his awesome girlfriend of four years to marry him. My mom, sister and I have been huge nags where this is concerned. Kelly is a great girl and if he didn’t snap her up soon someone else would come along and do it. He got smart though and took the plunge and we were all super happy and excited!

So after the reunion we headed to my parent’s house to meet up with my brother and his fiancé. We ordered some food and all celebrated the big news. It was a good time for everyone. My brother proudly showed us the PowerPoint presentation he used to propose to her. It was a cute display of all of their firsts together.

Kelly's Ring

Kelly’s Ring

We then FINALLY headed home. I was exhausted and beat and happy for the day to end.

So what recipe do I have to share with you? Well, I made Cookies N Creme Brownies for the family reunion. They are definitely a little on the over the top side of things but they were good.

Cookies N Creme Brownies

Cookies N Creme Brownies
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6567 calories
1006 g
694 g
258 g
91 g
142 g
1539 g
3599 g
566 g
4 g
97 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 6567
Calories from Fat 2286
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 258g
Saturated Fat 142g
Trans Fat 4g
Polyunsaturated Fat 17g
Monounsaturated Fat 80g
Cholesterol 694mg
Sodium 3599mg
Total Carbohydrates 1006g
Dietary Fiber 39g
Sugars 566g
Protein 91g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
  1. 1/2 c. butter, softened
  2. 8 oz. container Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Snack Delights, softened
  3. 2 c. sugar
  4. 2 lrg. eggs
  5. 1 tsp. vanilla
  6. 2 1/2 c. all-purpose flour
  7. 1/2 c. good quality dutch process cocoa powder
  8. 1/3 c. Jell-o Oreo Cookies N Creme Instant Pudding Mix
  9. 1 tsp. baking soda
  10. 1/2 tsp. salt, if you used unsalted butter only
  11. 2 tsp. milk
  12. 2 1.55 oz. Hershey's Cookies N Creme Bars, chopped
  13. 1 8 oz. pkg. Hershey's Cookies N Creme Drops
  1. Preheat oven to 350° and spray a 9x13 pan with baking spray or grease and flour it.
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment cream together the butter, cream cheese and sugar until well combined and fluffy on medium-high speed. Add the eggs and vanilla and mix until completely incorporated. Scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl and add the flour, cocoa powder, pudding mix, baking soda and salt and mix on low until combined. Add in the milk and mix on medium speed. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and stir in the chopped up Cookies N Creme bars.
  3. The dough will be thick. Press it into the 9x13 pan and then top with the Hershey's Cookie N Creme Drops, lightly pressing them in. Bake for 30-35 minutes and then cool completely before cutting. Store in airtight container.
My Sweet Sanity

Round 2 of Back to School and What Would You Do?

by Jennifer Wieland

This morning was to mark the new school year for my kiddos in elementary school. Luke is being integrated back into our home school district for 4th grade. Jackson is starting 1st grade with much less special support this year and Ellie was to start her third year of Pre-K. (Our district has Pre-K for those who is at risk of or already has delays. Ellie has speech and some minor developmental delays.) So, all of this should have meant that I would be sitting here enjoying some blessed alone and quiet time. As is typical of my life though, nothing went as planned. Instead I got vomit, a verbal argument with a cop, an email to and return phone call form a principal to start my day. Not such a happy back to school day.

Ellie did not sleep well last night, as has been her pattern for weeks now. She got up this morning though cheerful and excited to get ready for class because, Pre-K is still fun school. She put on her new outfit that she was so excited to wear because it was Hello Kitty and bounced around excitedly for 5-10 minutes. Then, just like that, her face lost all color and she said, “Mommy, I don’t feel good”. I thought, oh please just let it be nerves and that she will be happy and rosy-cheeked again in a few minutes. As in most households on a school day I then rushed off to make sure bags were packed with everything each child needed. To my immense relief, they were and we were moving ahead of schedule. Which in our house is a kind of miracle. Then Ellie appears and tells me, “Mommy I just threw-up.” in her most miserable sounding voice. She then proceeded to do so again on the kitchen floor. Really?!?! I have to call a kid in sick on the first day of school? Yes, yes I do. UGH!!! There went my two and a half hours of quiet cleaning time.

I then took pictures of the boys and they ended up not being nearly as fancy or nice as I had planned in my head but at least I managed to get them. That is the important thing. I then loaded up the minivan with the hubs and kiddos. We dropped off the hubby at the train and even got there early. We then headed to Jackson and Ellie’s school. We went to the office and let them know that Ellie would not be at school today and then got Jackson situated in his line for his classroom. Ellie was not feeling well again so we made a quick dash for the car where she clutched her bucket to her chin and just looked miserable.

Jackson First Grade

We then headed to Luke’s school. Our district is divided into learning centers. That means Jackson and Ellie’s school is for all Pre-K through 2nd grade. Luke’s school is all 3rd and 4th grade. He was nervous with the school switch. He did attend summer school at the new school but that was only a handful of students and teachers so it was not overwhelming to him. He has never been in a class with more than 14 children. This year he will start the year with 21 kids and 3 teachers plus his aide that works with him all in his class. So we arrive at the school. I know from taking my oldest here that you have to drop off kids on the side of the school. That’s fine. Luke’s aide though is supposed to be waiting to collect him and bring him into the school. The school has no place to stop and drop off children who are special needs. No place to stop for more than 5 seconds to drop off a child who moves and functions a bit differently. There are however about 10 police squad cars there to not let parents stop for more than a few seconds. Some of the police are standing about and some are in their cars. Luke’s aide I see is exiting the building. (Which is about 1/3 of a block away from the drop off point.) The police make me get Luke out and move on. Luke is clearly panicking at this point because he now does not see his aide. I saw his aide turn around though when a child spoke to him and take that child in the building. The problem was though that Luke was then confused and I was trying to yell from the window to tell him which sidewalk to follow. The police made me move. I drove down the block. Pulled into a driveway to turn around and as soon as I pulled out I had a cop there stopping me in his car. He proceeded to tell me that turning around in someone’s driveway was against the rules. That’s right, he said rules. You see it is not against the law. I told him I was just trying to get back by the school to make sure my newly integrated son found his aide and made it inside and wasn’t in a full-blown panic attack. He told me, “I don’t care. You can’t break the rules.” I lost it then. Really? You are supposed to be here protecting and serving these children but because mine has issues he matters less than the ones that can safely see themselves inside? I proceed to tell him that, “I would have parked the few blocks away and walked him up to the school but my daughter is vomiting all over my backseat at the moment.” Queue sound effects because she really was doing that at that moment. I tell him, “It is not my fault that the school does not have a spot to drop off children like my son.” Mind you this whole time I am looking between him and Luke, who I could still see. I have been able to see Luke wandering. I have been able to watch the worry and fear grow. Finally, I was able to see his wonderful aide get him and talk to him.

Luke Fourth Grade

When I reached home I emailed the principal. This is not something I do. I am not the squeaky wheel parent but I thought this was wrong. My child, while in 4th grade has some areas where he is not at the same level as other children his age. He does not like change. He can go into sensory/stimulus overload. He needs to see a familiar and friendly face to feel safe. I wanted his transition to be smooth today. I wanted to start off this big change the best way possible for him. It didn’t though and failed miserably. I can only hope now that the rest of his day goes well so he ends the day with a positive experience overall. The principal was great. She called me back immediately. She said that was not how she had wanted Luke’s day to go. She said the aide would be waiting there for him from now on. I don’t blame the aide. He was helping someone else’s child who needed it. The school should have a safe drop off place though for people who have to do a physical hand-off though to another adult. The police officer instead of keeping me tied up should have after hearing what was going on, got out and helped my son get to the door or had him stand with one of the standing officers until his aide came for him since I was not allowed to wait there with him.

Am I wrong about this? I was in tears talking to the principal. Should I have said anything or just let it go? I kept apologizing for complaining when I talked to the principal.

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