Family Fun Time Building a Fort

by Jennifer Wieland
Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from


How do you turn a cold and blustery day with snowflakes dancing on the wind into a fun family time in the house without electronics? Why, you go old school of course and build a sofa fort with the kids of course.

Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from

Since I am a Wayfair Homemaker they were cool enough to send me this utterly soft and gorgeous bamboo throw from Lush with the instructions to have some fun and build a sofa fort with your kids!

Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from

With all of that pretty fringe I felt this throw needed to be turned into a regal fort. That’s why I opted to build the King Couch’s Castle for my little princess and prince to play in.

Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from

To make the King Couch’s Castle I changed a few things from the diagram with what we had on hand and what would work best for my kids’ heights.


1 desk
2 chairs
2 dust mops (or brooms)
1 king size flat sheet
1 lush throw
duct tape
rubber bands
1 plastic milk crate

Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from

To get this fort build underway I placed a chair with its back facing each end of the desk. I then used a dust mop to create the center of my castle towers on each side by placing them along the backs of the chairs.

Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from

I used some duct tape to hold the dust mops in place since I was using plastic backed chairs. 

Sofa Fort City with Lush Bamboo Throws from

Then we placed the sheet over the poles and draped it nicely. After that I used a rubber band around each pole to hold the sheet in place. I then placed the milk crate on top of the desk and sheet. We then draped the Lush throw over the poles. We secured it to the poles with another set of rubber bands and then banded the throw in to other spots to create a fancy, regal drape for our throw. We finished off our interior with big, comfy body pillow and then placed some animals into the castle stable.

The kids are absolutely loving their new fort and spent the morning and evening hanging out in it together.

If you want to spend some time with your kids building your own sofa fort city, then be sure to check out Wayfair for the perfect throw for your own regal fort.

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Jennifer is a mom to 5 boys, 1 girl and 1 husband. Her kids range in age from 4-20 so things are always crazy with everything from preschool, to autism, to college. She tries to bake, craft and blog her way through all of the craziness that life throws her way.

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