PEEPS® the Iconic Easter Candy

by Jennifer Wieland
Show your #PEEPSONALITY with PEEPS® the Iconic Easter Candy!
Thanks to PEEPS® for sponsoring today’s post!

Easter is fast approaching! That makes now the right time to get all of the goodies you’ll need for your Easter baskets. What better treat is there than PEEPS® the iconic Easter candy? While the PEEPS® traditional Chicks and Bunnies are a must PEEPS® have added some new fun flavors the kids will love and some grown up versions that will make the adults happy as well.

Show your #PEEPSONALITY with PEEPS® the Iconic Easter Candy!

Every single year the PEEPS® brand finds new and creative ways to reinvent the classic PEEPS® Chicks and Bunnies into something delicious and fun. This year some PEEPS® varieties that are sure to be a hit with the kids are the PEEPS® Fruit Punch, Party Cake and Blue Raspberry flavors. In my house the kids love all things birthday cake flavored. That’s why they were dying to try the PEEPS® Party Cake flavor. Once I let them break open the Party Cake of PEEPS®  they quickly gobbled them up and they were declared a favorite. The PEEPS® Fruit Punch variety was also a mouth stuffing favorite. 

Show your #PEEPSONALITY with PEEPS® the Iconic Easter Candy!

The adults are definitely going to want to get their hands on the new decadent varieties in the PEEPS® Delights line. The PEEPS® Delights line is filled with delicious flavored marshmallow Chicks that are dipped in chocolate or fudge. Even better they come in decadent flavors like coconut, chocolate mousse, orange, lemon and blueberry. I am a chocolate junkie and the chocolate mousse flavored ones dipped in chocolate were the ones I was salivating to break open. The chocolate mousse flavored marshmallow dipped in chocolate was delicious. I bet if you microwaved one between some chocolate graham crackers that it would be heavenly!

Show your #PEEPSONALITY with PEEPS® the Iconic Easter Candy!

Not everyone can have or should have tons of sugar. For some people sugar is a no-go by choice or medical necessity. Not to worry though, PEEPS® has thought of everyone and even those on special diets can enjoy this holiday classic with Sugar-free PEEPS®. 

While PEEPS® are a must for every Easter basket don’t forget they are also a perfect way to decorate your favorite holiday recipes. PEEPS® are a perfect way to accent Easter crafts and to make your Easter table more decorative. Find PEEPS® at major retailers and online. For more creative ideas to show your #PEEPSONALITY this Easter check out PEEPS® on Pinterest or Instagram.





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