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10 Ways to Make Those New Heels Feel More Comfortable

by Jennifer Wieland
10 Ways to Make Those New Heels Feel More Comfortable on Your Feet


10 Ways to Make Those New Heels Feel More Comfortable on Your Feet

When you get a new pair of heels, you may be thrilled about the endless number of fashion possibilities for your new accessory. Then, you start wearing your heels and your feet aren’t as excited. If you get blisters and sore toes after wearing a new pair of shoes, listen up. You don’t have to put those cute heels away in your closet indefinitely; check out these 10 tips to help you break in your new heels fast.

10 Ways to Make Those New Heels Feel More Comfortable on Your Feet

1. Wear Them With Socks

Start off by putting on your thickest pair of socks and strapping your heels over top of them. Spend a few hours wearing them like this, and you’ll see how much more stretched out your shoes will be. With a little more room, your shoes will feel more comfortable on your feet when you finally venture out and wear them to work or school.

2. Put Them on Around the House

You can also try wearing your heels without socks, over time, in and around your home. If you are lounging around for a few hours, this may be the perfect time to help break in your shoes. You won’t feel as uncomfortable if you don’t need to walk around in them as much. After a few days, your shoes will start to feel better on your toes.

3. Use Heat to Help

You can also use a concept from physics class to stretch out your shoes a little. Thermal expansion, applying heat to expand things, could help you make your shoes fit better. Try using a hairdryer to make your shoes more pliable and put them on or stretch them out when they’re nice and warm.

4. Twist and Manipulate Them

Some old fashioned handiwork could also help reshape your shoes. A set of leather shoes or heels could be easily manipulated if you spend some time working the leather with your hands. All you need to do is bend them and twist them into different shapes to give the material a little more flexibility.

5. Moisten the Inside

Moisture is another trick to getting your shoes to fit your feet better. Wetting the inside joints of your shoes can help the material expand a bit more. When your shoes are nice and pliable, try putting them on to make the shape adjust to your foot more comfortably.

6. Invest in a Shoe Stretcher

Using a shoe stretcher device is another way to give your feet a little more room in your brand new pair of shoes. This mechanical piece can effectively stretch and hold your shoes to allow for a small amount of expansion.

7. Get a Bag of Ice

Another method that some fashionistas have found effective for improving the fit of their shoes is by using the properties of ice. Fill up a plastic bag with water, and place inside of your shoes. Then, put your shoes in the freezer. The bag will expand as the water inside turns to ice, which can help stretch your shoes out.

8. Take Them to a Shoe Store

If you’re still having trouble, try visiting your local shoe store. A professional shoe store may have some tools that could help adjust the fit of your shoes. Some shoe repair centers may also have a few ideas.

9. Protect Your Feet With Moleskin

When you’re ready to try your shoes out, don’t leave your sensitive skin on your foot unprotected. A few pieces of moleskin could help you from developing blisters along your toes or heels. That way, you can try out those cute strappy heels you’ve been eyeing for some time.

10. Buy Shoes That Fit

Of course, the best advice to follow with your shoe’s fit is to buy shoes in the right size, to begin with. Make sure you try on any shoe you’re buying, or you can order several varieties in a few different sizes from an online store if you’re not sure about the fit. Most retailers will allow you to send the extras back without any return shipping charges.

10 Ways to Make Those New Heels Feel More Comfortable on Your Feet

A cute pair of new heels in your fashion repertoire can be a great thing unless those heels start feeling like torture on your toes. Reduce the chance that your new shoes will hurt by trying these techniques for a quick break in period before wearing them full-time.




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