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5 Great Ways to Use Huggies Wipes Besides on a Baby’s Butt

by Jennifer Wieland
Find your Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle at Sam's Club


When my kid’s were babies Huggies Wipes were my go to brand for cleaning up baby bottoms. As they’ve gotten older though I still find myself buying and using Huggies Wipes in a slew of situations and keeping them in a bunch of places. Since Huggies Wipes are hypoallergenic and 99% water based these are definitely a must for any mom. 

Find your Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle at Sam's Club

Right now at Sam’s Club the 864 count wipes pack, comes with a tub, refills and a fashionable clutch to carry your Huggies Wipes in style. You can easily tote your Huggies Natural Care Wipes wherever you go and all anyone will notice is your awesome #clutchstyle and not that you are toting around the ever useful Huggies Wipes.


5 Great Ways to Use Huggies Wipes Besides on a Baby’s Butt

  1. Always leave a pack of Huggies Wipes in your car. These work wonders whether you are wiping off sticky fingers and faces or cleaning up an unexpected spill.
  2. Another great use is in your makeup bag. Huggies Wipes come in handy to remove makeup or to just cleanup a makeup mishap.
  3. I always make sure to pack some Huggies Wipes in my luggage. When you are traveling it may be difficult to find sinks, you may stumble upon an unpleasant bathroom or if you’re camping bathrooms and showers may be few and far between. 
  4. Since I work from home I often find myself living at my desk. It can get rather messy but I can rectify that quickly with a swipe of a Huggies Wipe.
  5. Huggies Wipes are a must in our garage too. My hubby works outside in his workshop (our garage) and does yard work. Both can get rather filthy at times. I don’t have to worry about him touching things on his way back into the house because he can use the Huggies Wipes to do a quick cleanup before coming into the house. 

Find your Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle at Sam's Club

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club® membership, you need one not just for this amazing Huggies Wipes and clutch deal but for all of the other great ways to save on things your family uses daily! It more than pays for itself with exclusive savings on the things you need, the things you love and all sorts of unexpected things!



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