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Keeping My Poise® Through LBL at the Gym

by Jennifer Wieland
Keeping My Poise® Through LBL at the Gym

This post is sponsored by Poise® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’ve been working really hard this year to take back my health through diet and exercise. I found a diet that works for me and that I can stick with. I’ve even learned to love the gym. I’ve moved away from my comfort zone of the machines and put my nerves and fear aside to try classes. Keeping my Poise® at the gym is the key.

Since doing classes at the gym I’ve learned a few things. One is that the saying about variety being the spice of life is so true. Taking a variety of classes has really helped me love the gym. The teachers often change things up and I can take so many different types of classes that I never get bored. The other thing I’ve learned? All these different workouts have different effects on my body. I know that certain stretches in a yoga class, an overly exuberant move in a Zumba class, or a few to many squat moves in my Build-a-Booty class can lead to some uh-oh moments. I manage to keep my poise through those moments with Poise® in my gym bag.

Keeping My Poise® Through LBL at the Gym

I’ve had six kids and what people don’t tell you is what happens to your body after you birth those sweet little angels. My oldest son once said to me that I don’t laugh like I used to. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that laughing hard can lead to little leaks. That’s right folks, about 1/3 of women out there suffer from the same problem. Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) is a reality for so many women.

Keeping My Poise® Through LBL at the Gym

So what causes LBL? 

Light Bladder Leakage can be brought on by several things. One thing may cause LBL in one person and not another. On thing may set it off or you may have multiple things below trigger it. 

  • Physical changes from childbirth, pregnancy, hysterectomy or menopause
  • Being overweight
  • Complications from surgery, stroke, or chronic diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease
  • Bladder or urinary tract infections
  • Bladder irritants (certain foods and beverages)

There is more than one type of incontinence

While there are different things that can cause Light Bladder Leakage there are also different type of Light Bladder Leakage incontinence

Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI): When you involuntarily leak due to pressure that is suddenly placed on your bladder. Great examples of this are when you cough, laugh, sneeze, exercise or lift a heavy item.

Urge Urinary Incontinence (UUI): Ever feel a sudden, intense urge to urinate and think I need a bathroom like now!  Only to realize that oops, I already leaked some? What happens is the bladder muscles squeeze at the wrong time and you get a little leaky.

Mixed Urinary Incontinence (MUI): This is what I call the double whammy. You don’t experience jus tone of the two above. No, you are extra lucky and get to experience both Stress and Urge Urinary Incontinence, it’s called Mixed Urinary Incontinence.

Hitting the gym with LBL

Being healthy is important and part of that for many women is going to the gym. You can survive your trips to the gym with LBL by making sure your gym bag is packed and ready.

Keep your fluids up – Skipping water is not a good idea at the gym. Skipping fluids actually leads to urine being more concentrated. This can lead to bladder and urethra irritation. Which can lead to spasms. Which, you guessed it, can lead to leaks of their own. 

Exercise to strengthen pelvic floor – Kegels aren’t the only exercise that are going to help with LBL. Any exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor will do. Yoga, Pilates, Tai-chi and walking are all great options.

Ditch some of the extra weight – Facing LBL at the gym can make you rethink going to the gym but losing weight can actually by hitting the gym and eating right may be just what you need. They have done research and it shows that women who weigh 200 lbs. and lose 10% of their weight can lower leaks by 70%. 

Pack some Poise® products in your gym bag – While at the gym remove your fear of leaks from the equation with Poise® products in your gym bag. Poise® will provide you with 3-in-1 protection. (dryness, comfort and odor control)Poise® pads now have ContourFit Design. that means you get a pad curved in the middle, to fit you’re the curves of your body better. You can find Poise® products at Walmart in the Personal Care section of the store. If going to the store to shop for Poise® products isn’t your thing, no worries. You can order directly from and have them shipped right to your door.

Keeping My Poise® Through LBL at the Gym

Don’t let Light Bladder Leakage sideline you at the gym or anywhere else in life. 

Make it Through Mom Life with Grace, Wit, Poise®, Heart

by Jennifer Wieland
Make it Through Mom Life with Grace, Wit, Poise®, Heart & Save Money! Share your #PoiseMoment #ad

I have spent my life experiencing what it’s like to be a number of types of moms. I’ve been the teen mom, the single mom, a working mom, a blended family mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work from home mom, a mom to boys, a mom to a girl, a special needs mom, a mom to adult children. I’ve made it through all of these variations of mom life with grace, wit, Poise®, Heart and I’ve tried to learn from each of these mom roles. 

Make it Through Mom Life with Grace, Wit, Poise®, Heart & Save Money! Share your #PoiseMoment #ad

One of the lessons I’ve learned being all of those types of moms is that I’m also, at times, a leaky mom. When I say this I don’t just mean those proud mom moments where your happiness brings a tear to your eye. I don’t even mean those moments where you’re at your mom breaking point and need a good cry. Nope, what I’m talking about is those moments where I laugh a little to hard, sneeze with too much force or cough a little to hard. 

Every single time I experience leaky mommy I immediately have that song pop into my head. You know the song I mean. The chorus from that Oops! song from Britney but with totally different words running through my head. It goes something like this…

Oops, I did it again
I sneezed way to hard, I giggled too much
Oh no, not again
Oops, I didn’t mean to leak
Muscles are a bit weak
I’m done with Kegels

Thankfully, I have Poise® Pads with ContourFIT* to help me out when I laugh even harder at myself for making up crazy songs lyrics in my head. Poise® Pads with ContourFIT* are designed to with a woman’s body in mind. They have a wide front and back to provide you with coverage and protection where you need it most, while the comfortable curves in the middle naturally conform to move with your body. They even provide great 3-in-1 bladder protection for dryness, comfort and odor control. Poise® pads are designed to fit better with less bunching and bulkiness in the middle, for the protection you trust, now with a better fit! Even better, right now you can save $2 on Poise® products.




Gift the Men in Your Life Lovely Beards This Holiday Season

by Jennifer Wieland


Beards on men are all the rage again in fashion. Having a beard though means extra care and time grooming. Whether the bearded man in your life is just starting to grow in his facial hair or if he is trying to make a statement with a beard that can be braided you can make the most of your man’s beard grooming with Lovely Beards this holiday season.

Gift the Men in Your Life Lovely Beards This Holiday Season #LovelyBeards #ad

What is Lovely Beards?

Lovely Beards is a brand of beard grooming products designed to bring good smelling TLC to keep your man’s beard looking it’s absolute best. There are two products available, beard balms and beard oils. The Lovely Beards Branded Beard Balm is handmade in the USA with 100% Organic Shea Butter and Natural Ingredients. The Organic Beard Balm is ideal for moisture rich taming, grooming and conditioning of beards and facial hair. The Lovely Beards Branded Beard Oil is also handmade in the USA with 100% Organic Oils and Essential Oils. The 100% Organic Beard Oil is perfect to use for moisture rich taming, grooming and conditioning of beards and facial hair. There are currently seven delicious, manly scents available.

Available Scents

Vanilla & Sandalwood
Mandarin & Cedarwood
Nectarine Mint
Black Pepper

How do you use Lovely Beards?

Beard Balm – The Beard Balm will help soften, condition, repair and nourish new growth – while at the same time help stop that irritable itching caused by new hair growth. Each day use a small amount of Lovely Beards balm and apply directly to your beard. The beard balm can be applied while the beard is damp or dry.

Gift the Men in Your Life Lovely Beards This Holiday Season #LovelyBeards #ad

Beard Oil – To make the most of the beard oil, use the dropper to put a small amount of Lovely Beards oil onto your palm and apply directly to your beard. The beard oil can be applied while the beard is damp or dry.

Gift the Men in Your Life Lovely Beards This Holiday Season #LovelyBeards #ad

Both products smell heavenly and when used daily can help your man achieve his own Lovely Beard!

For more information and to purchase head over to the Lovely Beards website.

Save 10% with promo code Beards10 when you buy online!




Eight Great Pre-Wedding Health Tips

by Jennifer Wieland
Eight great ways to say "I do" to a healthier you! #Wedding #Preperation


Pre-Wedding Health Tips

If you’re about to get married or you’re playing a big role in your loved ones’ wedding, slimming down might be on your to do list. Here are some tips to help you get ready for the big day.

Eight great ways to say "I do" to a healthier you! #Wedding #Preperation

Start Well In Advance

If you’d like to lose 10 pounds or more, that weight will take more than a few weeks to come off. It’s not realistic to have a goal to drop 30 pounds in two months, so start as far in advance as you can. Slow, steady weight loss is your best option for staying sane and keeping the weight off for the long run. Fad diets might work to quickly drop a few pounds, but you’re likely to feel miserable and gain all the weight back as soon as you stop dieting. For sustainable weight loss, start changing your habits several months before the wedding.

Drink Water Before Each Meal

The trick to glowing skin and a healthy digestive system is hydration. It can be hard to get the recommended eight glasses of water per day, so consider purchasing a “timer bottle.” This type of water bottle is marked with each hour of the day to remind you to pause every so often to take a sip. You should aim for at least two liters of water intake per day. Try drinking 500 mL of water upon waking to rev up your metabolism, and also drink a glass of water before each meal. This will help you feel full and prevent overeating.

Find Healthy Alternatives

When you’re preparing for a wedding, high fat foods like mayonnaise and salad dressing should be avoided. However, if a salad is only tolerable with a big dose of dressing, there’s no need to give up what you love. Hampton Creek offers a line of sustainably produced, guilt-free eggless mayo and salad dressing, so you can still enjoy added flavor on salads and sandwiches.

Snack on Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in your life. Combined with long hours at work, your immune system can quickly tank if you don’t take care of yourself. To keep your immune system working to the best of its ability, snack on foods rich in Vitamin C, like strawberries. For even more Vitamin C and other nutrients, you can make a green smoothie for breakfast a few times a week to give you the energy you need to get you through the potentially stressful months to come.

Cut Down on Sugary Drinks

If you love going to your favorite coffee shop for a sugary concoction every morning, now is the perfect time to start cutting down. Drinking your calories is one of the most common ways of getting excess calories that your body doesn’t need, and too much sugar is also unhealthy. Alcoholic beverages are a big source of sugar, so try to cut down on these as well. Sugary drinks like cocktails can leave you feeling bloated, so especially in the weeks leading up to the wedding, stick to water or sugar-free tea.

Get Plenty of Omega 3s

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in giving your skin a healthy glow. Two to three times per week, incorporate fish like salmon and tilapia into your meal plans. Some fish, like swordfish and mackerel, are high in mercury. It’s best to avoid those types of fish.

Get Your Rest

Don’t let wedding planning consume your life. Although this is likely to be an exciting and stressful time, try not to let planning every single detail take priority over important matters like adequate sleep. Wedding planning takes a lot of time and energy, but you should prioritize self-care and not get too caught up in the details.

Eight great ways to say "I do" to a healthier you! #Wedding #Preperation


Preparing for a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. It can simultaneously be the happiest time of your life, and the most stress inducing. If you’d like to start changing your habits to shed a few pounds before the big day, make sure to drink enough water, stock up on vitamin rich foods like berries and salmon, and seek out healthy alternatives to high fat foods. Remember to set realistic, reachable goals so you aren’t tempted to try a fad diet in order to quickly drop the weight. No matter what, prioritize your beauty sleep and try to enjoy the experience instead of getting overwhelmed.



A Luvs High Value Coupon + $100 AmEx Gift Card Giveaway

by Jennifer Wieland
Save Big Money This Weekend with Luvs $2 Coupon #ShareTheLuv
This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

I remember with my first baby I had this vision in my mind of how everything would be. I’d be showered, dressed and looking lovely everyday with an utterly adorable baby in my arms. A baby whose sheer cuteness and love would make everything sunshine and roses. Then reality smacked me in the face! A shower was a treat and the dark circles under my eyes made me look like the walking dead. Oh yeah, and that adorable baby? He went through a lot of formula, dirtied up more clothes than I care to think about and don’t even get me started on diapers and how much they were putting a ding in my bank account. Then I discovered Luvs diapers and while all of the rest of that stuff stayed the same my bank account was taking a much smaller hit and my laundry pile was not as big thanks to less diaper accidents. Now you can let Luvs help your family budget and save big money this weekend with a Luvs high value coupon ($2) and an Ibotta $3 rebate!

After diapering six bottoms of my own over the past 23 years I know how important a great quality diaper is. I also know that great quality doesn’t have to mean big bucks. What makes Luvs standout in the crowded diaper market?

  • With large refastenable stretch tabs, fastening Luvs diapers is super easy for Mom, plus she can rest assured knowing that she’s giving baby a secure, snug fit again and again.
  • With Leak Barrier Leg Gathers and a Leakguard Core, plus our largest absorbent area ever, Luvs makes life easier for busy Moms by helping to keep leaks in the diaper where they belong, so baby stays dry and comfortable.
  • A contoured shape hugs baby for a great fit, and a cottony material feels soft and gentle on baby’s skin.
  • The Luvs Money Back Guarantee: We feel so strongly that our diapers will keep your baby leak-free that we’ve guaranteed them! If you aren’t satisfied with the leakage protection of Luvs, we’ll refund your money. See our website,, for details.
  • Luvs diapers are available in sizes newborn through 6, and can be found at mass, discount and grocery stores where baby care products are sold.
  • Luvs is the official diaper of experienced parents. When parents choose Luvs over Huggies Snug & Dry, they get outstanding superior overnight protection that locks away wetness 2X better, and they turn diapers into dollars by saving up to $150 per year.


Save Big Money This Weekend with Luvs $2 Coupon #ShareTheLuv

Save big this weekend with a $2 Luvs coupon in your local Sunday paper!

This weekend you can snag a high value coupon in the Sunday paper inserts and for a limited time you can unlock a $3 Ibotta exclusive rebate! Don’t have the Ibotta app yet? Don’t worry you can download it for iOS and Android and then simply search “Luvs” to unlock the exclusive $3 rebate. Go shopping for your Luvs diapers at any participating store and verify your purchases by scanning product bar codes and submitting a photo of your receipt. Save money and earn cash back! Your $3 cash back rebate will be deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Save Big Money This Weekend with Luvs $2 Coupon and unlock a $3 Ibotta rebate #ShareTheLuv

For more information on Luvs diapers, visit or the brand’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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Sick Just Got Real

by Jennifer Wieland
Sick Just Got Real - Pfizer Products to the rescue!
Thank you to Pfizer for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Living in the Chicago area the spring can be really tricky season. One day it can be sunny and 65º and the next day you can have snow and 30º degrees. Last week we were plagued with snow, hail, freezing wind and cold but today we are supposed to hit 70º and be able to back in some sunshine. The problem with weather like this though is that kids in school seem to end up really sick. Every time one of my babies wakes up with a cold or cough and I have to keep them home from school I realize that Sick Just Got Real™ and it’s time to gather up my sick kid supplies and get to work. 

Sick Just Got Real - How do you help your kids feel better when they are sick? #Pfizer #Dimetapp #Advil #Robitussin #ad

Luckily I always keep a good stock of supplies on hand from Target to help out in these situations. My go to medicine choices for my group that I like to have on hand are products from the Pfizer Pediatric family. Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and Children’s Dimetapp® always get the job done in our house. I also like that Chldren’s Dimetapp® is alcohol free and that Children’s Advil® is a great way to get those fevers, aches and pains you get when sick to go away. Of course your going to need tissue and hand sanitizer to help keep the kids from passing their sick on to their siblings.

Sick Just Got Real - How do you help your kids feel better when they are sick? #Pfizer #Dimetapp #Advil #Robitussin #ad

I like to keep a stash of busy stuff for the kids when they are sick. Coloring books, notebooks to draw or write in, some simple card games all work out really well when the medicine kicks in and they feel better and want to do something but you know that they still need rest and don’t want them over doing it. You can usually find a great selection of this stuff in the Target Dollar Spot. 

Sick Just Got Real - How do you help your kids feel better when they are sick? #Pfizer #Dimetapp #Advil #Robitussin #ad

Our go to sick meal is some chicken noodle soup. It’s a classic for a reason. Something about it just makes you feel better. Add in some fun shaped crackers to help with any upset tummies and orange juice to up their vitamin C and your kids will be on the mend in no time flat. 

Sick Just Got Real - How do you help your kids feel better when they are sick? #Pfizer #Dimetapp #Advil #Robitussin #ad

How do you help your kids feel better when they are sick?



Sleep Tips to Keep Technology from Ruining Your Sleep

by Jennifer Wieland
Sleep Tips to Keep Technology from Ruining Your Sleep


I don’t know about you but I love sleeping. Being curled up in bed, my head resting on pillows and a comfy pair of pajamas on are like heaven at the end of the day. If only the drifting off to sleep came on cue like I wish it would. Sadly though in my house that happens all to frequently. I want to close my eyes and just nod off but then I remember I forgot to email one of the kid’s teachers or I stayed up late on the computer working on a blog post or editing photos or maybe we had movie night and turned it into a double feature on Friday night. All I know is all of that technology effects your sleep. Being plugged in to so much actually has negative affects on out sleep. Here are some sleep tips to keep technology from ruining your sleep.

Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone created by the hypothalamus. That’s right, light goes into your retina and puts a hold on your brain releasing the Melatonin your body needs to drift off to sleepy time. So how do you get your brain to release the Melatonin your body needs for rest?

Sleep Tips to Keep Technology from Ruining Your Sleep

Turn off the TV

TV time seems like a great way to unwind after the kids go to bed . Lounging in bed streaming a few episodes of your favorite show or getting caught on your DVR recordings may seem completely harmless but that light is actually telling your brain to hold off on sleep. 

That Email or Text Can Wait

I know it seems like an email or text has to go out that minute and in some professions it might really need to. If it can wait until morning though, let it. Again that sneaky light from your computer or phone is giving off the no sleep ju-ju to your brain. Skip all that and wait until the morning. Your email or text will be better anyways with a nice refreshed brain putting it together. 

Deprive Your Senses

Sleep masks and earplugs can go a long way in helping you get better sleep at night. Giving your eyes absolute darkness and limiting what your ears can hear can put your mind into a state of rest and relaxation so much easier and help keep household sounds and light from interrupting a restful night. 

Nix Sugar and Caffeine Early

Technology is bad enough but pair it with caffeine and sugar and you could ruin a good night’s sleep but quick. I know it’s hard to make it through the day without a daily dose of caffeine or a mid day sugar boost but be sure to finish them up early in the day and not to indulge to heavily. Limiting the intake of both will help you drift off at night much easier. 


While your body produces its own Melatonin there are times when it may be hard for your body to use it. If you work a rotating shift, have been up with a sick child or couldn’t avoid electronics due to work or another activity you may need a little help in the Melatonin department. That’s where Natrol comes in. 

Sleep Tips to Keep Technology from Ruining Your Sleep

Natrol has two great Melatonin products to help you drift off to sleep!

Natrol Melatonin Fast Dissolve tablets, 5mg dosage, can be taken anytime, anywhere with no water needed. They are 100% vegetarian,100% drug-free and non-habit forming, they support an overall better sleep and can help you regulate healthy sleeping patterns.

Natrol Advanced Sleep Melatonin is a drug-free sleep aid that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep with a built-in 2-layered time release that gives you an initial 5mg dosage to help you sleep and then releases the remaining 5mg dosage throughout your sleep to help you stay asleep. You will wake up refreshed in the mornings – no more ‘sleep hangovers’.

Could you benefit from a sleep boost from Natrol Melatonin? If you’d like to try it now is the time! Grab this valuable $2 coupon to save big on your next purchase!

For more information on Natrol products please be sure to visit their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or get great health tips from them on Pinterest

Sleep Tips to Keep Technology from Ruining Your Sleep

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Kleenex® – Caring is Not Sharing Germs This Winter

by Jennifer Wieland
This winter show your family and friends that caring is not sharing germs with Kleenex. #SpreadKleenexCare


Everyone knows that with winter making its way into our lives that it also means that cold and flu season are upon us. To show my family and guests just how much I care about them and how I want to keep them healthy this winter I have to stock up on supplies. With three of my kids in different elementary schools, my oldest son working retail at a very busy downtown store and my husband trapped in the recycled air, cubicle land of a skyscraper my home and family are inundated with germs on a daily basis. So I have to be prepared to act at the first sign of sniffles. Thanks Kleenex® for always having our noses covered. 

This winter show your family and friends that caring is not sharing germs with Kleenex. #SpreadKleenexCare

Kleenex® is the first thing on my list every year. I make sure I have a stockpile on hand for not only my house but for backpacks, coat pockets, classrooms, offices and the car. Some people may think it overkill but have you ever seen a child with a nose that resembles a faucet? Seriously, it’s a scary sight to behold in your rear view mirror while driving. 

This winter show your family and friends that caring is not sharing germs with Kleenex. #SpreadKleenexCare

Thanks heavens Kleenex® and Sam’s Club make it easy for me to be ready. I’ve already hit Sam’s Club and grabbed the Kleenex® Winter Pack. This pack includes 8 tissue boxes of Kleenex® Lotion, plus 3 tissue boxes of Kleenex® Perfect Fit® Winter Designs. These tissues will supply all the strength and  comforting softness your nose will need this winter. Kleenex® Lotion facial tissues feature 3-ply construction for thickness and absorbency, and Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a soothing touch to delicate skin. Kleenex® Perfect Fit® tissues feature 2-ply quality, an upright box that is the right size for small spaces and winter designs to brighten your home. Now you can treat your family’s sniffles and sneezes this season with the softness of Kleenex® tissues.



5 Great Ways to Use Huggies Wipes Besides on a Baby’s Butt

by Jennifer Wieland
Find your Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle at Sam's Club


When my kid’s were babies Huggies Wipes were my go to brand for cleaning up baby bottoms. As they’ve gotten older though I still find myself buying and using Huggies Wipes in a slew of situations and keeping them in a bunch of places. Since Huggies Wipes are hypoallergenic and 99% water based these are definitely a must for any mom. 

Find your Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle at Sam's Club

Right now at Sam’s Club the 864 count wipes pack, comes with a tub, refills and a fashionable clutch to carry your Huggies Wipes in style. You can easily tote your Huggies Natural Care Wipes wherever you go and all anyone will notice is your awesome #clutchstyle and not that you are toting around the ever useful Huggies Wipes.


5 Great Ways to Use Huggies Wipes Besides on a Baby’s Butt

  1. Always leave a pack of Huggies Wipes in your car. These work wonders whether you are wiping off sticky fingers and faces or cleaning up an unexpected spill.
  2. Another great use is in your makeup bag. Huggies Wipes come in handy to remove makeup or to just cleanup a makeup mishap.
  3. I always make sure to pack some Huggies Wipes in my luggage. When you are traveling it may be difficult to find sinks, you may stumble upon an unpleasant bathroom or if you’re camping bathrooms and showers may be few and far between. 
  4. Since I work from home I often find myself living at my desk. It can get rather messy but I can rectify that quickly with a swipe of a Huggies Wipe.
  5. Huggies Wipes are a must in our garage too. My hubby works outside in his workshop (our garage) and does yard work. Both can get rather filthy at times. I don’t have to worry about him touching things on his way back into the house because he can use the Huggies Wipes to do a quick cleanup before coming into the house. 

Find your Huggies Wipes #ClutchStyle at Sam's Club

If you don’t have a Sam’s Club® membership, you need one not just for this amazing Huggies Wipes and clutch deal but for all of the other great ways to save on things your family uses daily! It more than pays for itself with exclusive savings on the things you need, the things you love and all sorts of unexpected things!



Never Run Out Again with Scott

by Jennifer Wieland
Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra


Have you ever had one of those moments? That time when you needed something. Something you always have on hand and just plain old forgot to restock in your house the last time you went shopping? I know I have but toilet paper is never one of those things with Scott.

Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra

The worst thing I know I have ever ran out of was diapers. I know how do you run out of those, right? It’s simple really. You have three kids in diapers and pull-ups and are sleep deprived. Talk about having to get creative in a hurry! (Goodbye long sleeved t-shirt, your sacrifice was not in vain.)

Now that my family is fully toilet trained <says a thanks you prayer> I don’t have to worry about that, but I do have to worry about toilet paper. Scott makes that a breeze for my large family.

Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra

With my very full house we can go through one of those skimpy little rolls of paper in as quick as half a day. That’s why I like to head to my local Sam’s Club and grab the Scott 1000 36 roll pack. With 1000 sheets per roll our toilet paper rolls survive for a MUCH longer period in our house. 

Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra

Scott® 1000 bath tissue has big news. Their long lasting rolls now LASTS EVEN LONGER. Get an additional 100 sheets on every roll at SAM’S CLUB. That’s more of the quality performance you love at the VALUE you’ve come to expect. Scott® 1000 bonus pack is available online and in select clubs. 

For even MORE savings, please download the FREE Ibotta app to earn $5 off Scott® 1000 Bonus Pack at Sam’s Club®. That means even more bang for your buck! 


If you don’t have a Sam’s Club® membership, you need one not just for better toilet paper deals but for all of the other great ways to save on things your family uses daily! It more than pays for itself with exclusive savings on the things you need, the things you love and all sorts of unexpected things!



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