Apricot Muffins

Me time for me tends to consist of puttering around stores. On one of these outings at Walmart I came across Nature's Harvest Ultra Apricots by the produce. They are very moist with an almost gummy candy like texture when eaten. They are really good and a new favorite of mine to replace my gummy … Continue reading

Berry Crumb Muffins

The very first muffin recipe I ever made was using Art Smith's recipe from his cookbook Back to the Table. I love this cookbook and it has served me so well over the years that my binding on it is breaking from use and I have to put pages back in it because some fall out when I use it. Gotta love a … Continue reading

Apple Strudel Muffins

Now that all the hubbub of the holidays has passed I am trying to make good on a resolution of mine. As most people do I made a resolution to have my family eat better this year. When I say better I mean more homemade less factory made, preservative laden foods. The first area of revamp is … Continue reading

Cinnamon Scones…

I tell my family that I should have been born English and/or Scottish all the time. I am totally enamored of both and as a result I totally enjoy tea and scones. I am not and never will be a coffee girl. No, for me it is tea. Whether it be hot or cold it is my favorite drink and nothing pairs … Continue reading