From Drab to Fab With FolkArt Stencils and Paints

by Jennifer Wieland
FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint #plaidcrafts
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I love this time of year! No, I’m not going to say because of the changing seasons or the upcoming holidays, although that’s true too. I love this time of year because now that back to school is done and over with lots of stores have furniture pieces on clearance from the dorm room decor and I love a bargain. You can snag desks, chairs, bookcases, small storage items all for a song. While I do love doing this every year, those pieces are often very dull, drab and utilitarian. So I like to take the pieces I get and take them from drab to fab with FolkArt Stencils & Paints.

From Drab to Fab With FolkArt Stencils and Paints #plaidcrafts

FolkArt Stencil.1 Stencils come in fun and edgy designs that really veer from the old tried and true stencils you may be familiar with. These stencils come from designer and creator Ed Roth, who uses street-art for the inspiration in the designs. FolkArt Premium Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint is the perfect paint to use in updating both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces with a fun and funky pattern. All of these products can be found at your local Michaels store.

FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint #plaidcrafts


I found a fun and different bookcase with a door for my two youngest boys’ bedroom. We are in the process of redoing it currently and I’ve settled on a rock-n-roll theme in the colors of red, black, white and gray. I was able to get the bookcase marked down and with a coupon for only $20 before tax, so it was a steal. Since it was all in black though except for the silver door handle it was rather drab and something that would not catch the eye or add anything more than a storage spot to the bedroom. I decided that an argyle pattern down the door in corresponding colors would really help make the piece pop.

From Drab to Fab With FolkArt Stencils and Paints #plaidcrafts


Bookcase or similar piece of inexpensive furniture

FolkArt Stencil Adhesive

FolkArt Paints

FolkArt Stencil.1 Stencils

Stenciling foam brushes

Paper plate

In inexpensive furniture pieces like this they usually need to be assembled. The easiest way to stencil the piece is to do so before you assemble it. Prepare the back of the stencil with stencil adhesive. I used the FolkArt Stencil Adhesive which you dab on. The stencil adhesive the needs to set up for 10 minutes so that it makes the back of the stencil tacky.

From Drab to Fab With FolkArt Stencils and Paints #plaidcrafts

Put the paint colors of your choice on a paper plate. Place the stencil tacky side down onto the piece of furniture where you want your design. Press firmly to make sure that the stencil is attached completely. Using foam stencil brushes dab the colors where you want them. Use a pencil or chalk to mark the stencil guides if you are adding more of the design and trying to keep the pattern uniform or in line. Remove the stencil and let the paint dry. If you are doing more than line up the stencil with the stencil guide marks you made. The back of the stencil should still be tacky but if you are doing a lot of work with the stencil you will need to reapply the stencil adhesive from time to time. Continue painting until you reach your completed design.

From Drab to Fab With FolkArt Stencils and Paints #plaidcrafts

Following the manufacturer’s instructions assemble the piece of furniture. You now have a beautiful one of a kind creation that will catch anyone’s eye.

 From Drab to Fab With FolkArt Stencils and Paints #plaidcrafts

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