Girl’s Chunky Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Necklace

by Jennifer Wieland
Girl's Chunky Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Necklace

My daughter is so girly and I’m sure many would think she would be a total tomboy being the youngest of six and the only girl. The thing is though that she is the polar opposite of that. Her brothers tend to dote on her and give her what she wants and so she is a total high-maintenance diva. Being the little diva that she is means she also loves having her pretty clothing, fashionable shoes and the perfect accessories for every outfit and season at the old age of five. Luckily for her I like having a little girl to dress up and I help feed her diva tendencies. This week I did that by creating a girl’s chunky bubble jack-o-lantern necklace for her to wear with all of her Halloween outfits.

Girl's Chunky Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Necklace

The necklace was really easy to make and came out just as cute as I had hoped it would. This project was not only easy it was also inexpensive. Plus all of the supplies for it were found at my local craft store. The beads I used had a matte coating that gives them an almost rubber feel to them.

Girl's Chunky Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Necklace


2 sets of Blue Moon Beads 7″ Strand, Neon Orange Coated Glass, 12mm round

1 set of Blue Moon Beads 7″ Strand, Neon Green Coated Glass, 6mm round

Elastic cord ( I used silver metallic)

Fine point black Sharpie


Girl's Chunky Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Necklace

Leaving the beads attached to the package string draw a jack-o-lantern face on each of the orange beads. Be careful not to touch them and let them completely dry before handling them.

Cut a length of elastic cord measuring between 16″-18″ long depending on the age of the child and so you will have some cord left to tie off at the end of beading. Making sure that you are placing your “pumpkins” facing in the same direction thread the beads onto the elastic alternating between the green and the orange ones. The green beads will look like the pumpkin stems. When you have enough beads on for your desired length tie the ends of the cord together and you now have your own jack-o-lantern necklace for a child in your life.

Girl's Chunky Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Necklace


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