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Personalized Hair Accessories Holder

by Jennifer Wieland
DIY - Personalized Hair Accessories Holder

My daughter turned five a few months back and with it came her FINALLY letting me do stuff with her hair. Prior to that she was 100% anti-hair fixing and was regularly sporting her stringy, fine ragamuffin hairdo. Now, though we have moved up and I get her to let me do her hair a few times a week but with fixing her hair came the whole mess of hair accessories scattered about everywhere. I kept placing them in her vanity drawer but then she’d take them out and I either couldn’t find them or they would end up broken from her playing with them. That led me to think about buying one of those cute little hair accessory holders you see at craft fairs or on Etsy but here’s the thing… I’m cheap! Once I saw what people charged for those I figured even I could come up with a cute one that would be inexpensive. So I headed to the craft store and scoured the aisles until I had supplies and a vision in my head of this personalized hair accessories holder.

One of the things I noticed is that many hair accessory holders only hold barrettes or clips. A few I saw help headbands too but I wanted one that held everything, barrettes, clips, headbands and hair elastics. I wanted all of her hair items in one place to make my life as simple as possible and I wanted it to be sparkly because that just fits my daughter’s personality perfectly.

DIY - Personalized Hair Accessories Holder

This holder has it all! The addition of hooks makes this holder so much more useful.

DIY - Personalized Hair Accessories Holder





Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks




Plywood (I used 3/8″ x 4″ x 12″ found at the craft store.)

Letters or other decorations (I used foam letters.)

Ribbon (I used 3 different glitter ribbons that were 3/8″.)

Command Utensil Hooks

1 Foam Sheet

Paint the front and sides of the plywood the color of your choice. I used a white paint and then a glitter paint over it to make it sparkle. Once the paint is dry use a tacky glue or hot glue to adhere the letters and decorations to the painted front. Turn the board over and measure and mark where you want the ribbons and hooks to go for the hair accessories. The Command Utensil Hooks were used because they were adjustable as to what direction the hook and back were at. Rather than using the supplied Command strips I hot glued them onto the back since I am not going to be removing them.

DIY - Personalized Hair Accessories Holder

Add the ribbons to the top using glue or hot glue to hang the holder with and a decorative bow. Add a thin strip of foam to the back of each ribbon to help securely hold the barrettes and clips in place to two of the ribbons. To the third ribbon add loops of ribbon, gluing into place to hold headbands.

DIY - Personalized Hair Accessories Holder


My daughter was beyond happy with her new hair accessory holder and loved all of the glitter and sparkle that it had. I even got a hug as a thank you.

DIY - Personalized Hair Accessories Holder

This turned out to be a pretty quick and easy project to help me tame the hair accessories mess we had happening here.


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