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How to Get Lotion Out of Hair

by Jennifer Wieland
How to get lotion out of hair.

Sunday night after the festivities from my husband’s birthday dinner I knew I had to get the kids into the bathroom to get baths and showers taken care of for Monday morning and the start of a new school week. My daughter gladly took a shower and let me wash her hair. I got her ready to go to bed with some cozy pajamas and brushed out her hair and then put her to bed. Monday morning I went to wake up that sweet, precious child and I looked at her head and was wondering why her hair still looked to be completely and totally wet. What had happened? I reached out to touch her hair and it was greasy. It appeared on closer inspection like she had globs of lard or Crisco coating it. That was not the case though, oh no, no, no. You see she put gobs and gobs of lotion in her hair.

I immediately went into super freak out mode and rushed her to the bathroom to wash her hair. I soaped, lathered, scrubbed like my life was on the line and then I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed. Upon towel drying though I noticed that almost nothing had changed. So shampooed, rinsed and repeated again, and again and each and every time it did little to nothing. Being Monday morning though we were pinched for time and I made the executive decision to do the unthinkable and let her head to her Pre-K class looking like she’d rolled in an oil slick. I know I should have just kept her home but i need to regroup and debate having a drink while she was at school for 2.5 hours.

To the munchkins credit though she did proudly tell her teachers that she had done this to herself. Yay for honesty? Anyway, we washed it a few more times and then I began searching the internet and was coming up with the brilliant conclusions to wash her hair. Wow, that was so not brilliant at all. I did have a light bulb moment and I covered her hair and scalp with baking soda and then let it sit for a few minutes. I then washed her hair one last time with Dawn Dish Soap because as the old slogan says “Dawn takes grease out of your way.” and you know what? It really does. Her hair is now really soft from all of the moisturization it received from the lotion and it’s no longer greasy.

How to get lotion out of hair.

Has one of your children ever done something crazy like this that left you trying to figure out how to fix it?

The Cold That Won’t Quit!

by Jennifer Wieland

I have had a cold for most of this month and it just will not go away. Now if this was one of the kids I would have had them in at the doctor’s office and gotten them checked out and any meds if needed. Since it’s me though I have been procrastinating like I think most moms often do. It’s now at the stage where I am at least strongly debating making an appointment since I have a full week ahead. Since I have been sick I have not been baking as much. (Who wants to test a recipe from the chick with the cough?) Now this Friday is my daughter’s 4th birthday and Sunday is the Superbowl. We always do a birthday/Superbowl party since our only daughter managed to get herself born during the second half of the Superbowl. She did have the decency to hold the contractions to a tolerable level until halftime for me though, so we traveled to the hospital then. Being huge football fans my husband and I appreciated that. So now I have to get this cold in check and get into party mode. In the meantime though I have been working on other things.

In my effort to get my family healthier I have begun trying my hand at making some homemade remedies. My first go at this was making Grapefruit Beeswax Lotion using the recipe from A Sonoma Garden for Easy Beeswax Lotion. It is a nice sturdy lotion for those of us in the cold climates with skin issues. Having a house that has numerous people with Psoriasis and Eczema I am always searching out a good lotion. Since I am trying to avoid chemicals in our foods more it only makes sense to avoid chemicals on your largest organ… your skin.

My second effort at home remedies came from Living On a Dime. Since I have been sick a good chunk of this month I was looking for some remedies to try, and they had a recipe for Vapor Shower Disks. I made a batch using the vapor rub instead of the eucalyptus since that is what I had on hand. I also followed the instructions for drying them out in the oven. I tested one out last night hoping it would help me sleep better and it did help!

So far my foray into home remedies has left me pleasantly surprised and anxious to try more.

Grapefruit Beeswax Lotion & Shower Vaporizer Disks

Grapefruit Beeswax Lotion & Shower Vaporizer Disks

My other efforts this weekend since I was not up to taking the kids out to do anything included making sock puppets. The kids loved them and I think they came out really well.

Sock Puppets

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