The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall

by Jennifer Wieland
The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall #CUJO #AD
Today’s post was sponsored by Best Buy. I was given a CUJO Smart Firewall to use and review.All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.
The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall #CUJO #AD

Keeping your family’s information safe and secure online is a must in this day and age. Then you add in how this generation of kids who seem to live online and your faced with a whole new set of problems. As a parent your faced with the headache of trying to keep your kids safe online, while making sure they are only going to age appropriate internet sites and wanting a to limit how long they are online. Good news, the CUJO Smart Firewall is the answer to your family’s online security needs.

The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall #CUJO #AD

CUJO is a smart firewall for the connected home, it was designed to bring business-level security to home networks. This simple to use device will secure all of your family’s devices connecting to your WiFi router. CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. It’s like having a whole house, WiFi antivirus. Plus, CUJO lets you control what your kids access online all while keeping them safe.

The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall #CUJO #AD

What makes CUJO Smart Firewall a must?

  1. PARENTAL CONTROL FOR ALL DEVICES & INTERNET FILTER- Easily block pesky or inappropriate websites. All devices to connected to your home WiFi will be able to have parental controls. That means you can set age appropriate limits for your children. No more worrying about what they are seeing online. 
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING – Cyber bullying is real and troublesome thing. As your children get older and get setup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media outlets. You can feel secure in knowing that you can see what’s going on and keeping them protected.
  3. PAUSE INTERNET & TIME LIMITS – Want the kids to get their homework done right after school? Don’t want the kids sneaking their tablet into bed and not going to sleep? Is it time to do their chores and you don’t want them dallying online? Then the CUJO Smart Firewall pause internet and time limit features are going to be a favorite. You can set it to turn off when it’s bedtime. After school you can pause internet so there’s no funny business while homework is supposed to be being worked on.
  4. REMOTE ADMINISTRATION – With the CUJO Smart Firewall app (available for iOS and Android) even when you’re not at home you can quickly and easily control what’s going on. This makes it great for working parents to still know what’s going on at home.


The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall #CUJO #AD

With setup taking only minutes to complete the CUJO Smart Firewall will make your family’s internet experience safer and more secure. Even if you aren’t the most tech savvy person there’s no need to worry. You can call in for setup help or schedule and in-home installation in the U.S.

The Four Reasons Why Parents Need the Cujo Smart Firewall #CUJO #AD

Curious to learn more or find out how to get your own CUJO Smart Firewall?

You can find the CUJO Smart Firewall online and in store and Best Buy. You can also read reviews to see what others are saying about the CUJO Smart Firewall there and find out even more features.


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Virgin Mobile Custom with Parental Controls

by Jennifer Wieland
Virgin Mobile Custom at Walmart - Build your own plan & parental controls #Sponsored #VirginMobileMom #MC

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Virgin Mobile. I received a sample device to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating.

My ten-year old son is Autistic and technology is something he gravitates towards. It makes him feel comfortable, he excels at it and it’s a way for him to bridge the gap socially with other children his age. He has been asking for a cell phone for quite some time now but both my husband and I have been hesitant to get him one because we did not want his usage of data and when he used it to go unchecked. Luckily, we learned about Virgin Mobile Custom with parental controls.

Virgin Mobile Custom at Walmart - Build your own plan & parental controls #Sponsored #VirginMobileMom #MC


Virgin Mobile Custom plans and phones are new and available at select Walmart locations and on

Virgin Mobile Custom at Walmart - Build your own plan & parental controls #Sponsored #VirginMobileMom #MC

The new Virgin Mobile Custom plans allow you select what amount of talk, text and data you need so you can control your monthly costs and you are never locked into a contract. The plans start as low as $6.98/month but are completely customizable. Don’t talk on the phone really but text a lot? You can up your number of texts. Do you have a child like mine that only needs the phone for emergency calls, to text mom and dad but will more than likely be a data hog? Then keep the base plan for talk and text at 20 talk minutes and 20 text messages but up the data to 1GB a month. They even have specialized unlimited plans for Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), Music (Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc.), Navigation (Google Maps, Telnav & Waze) and International Calling. You can even make the new Virgin Mobile Custom into a family plan and select what works best for your whole family while keeping it all affordable.

Virgin Mobile Custom at Walmart - Build your own plan & parental controls #Sponsored #VirginMobileMom #MC

The thing that appealed most to me about Virgin Mobile Custom was the parental control they offer. You get to assign what apps work and when they do. You can pick the days of the week and times of day for each app. I also like being able to control who my child can and can’t call or text which this allows for. The big thing for me though is setting curfews. I am able to set the phone not to work during certain times of the day. During the school week the phone will not work between 8 am and 3 pm. Every day of the week the phone is set to curfew between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am so I know he is sleeping and not horsing around on his phone instead.

Virgin Mobile Custom at Walmart - Build your own plan & parental controls #Sponsored #VirginMobileMom #MC

One app to select and adjust your plan, set parental controls and curfews, buy special offers and share plans with other devices.

Do you have a teen or tween who wants a smartphone but you have been hesitant to get them one? Here are some facts about what kids are saying about cell phones, some interesting statistics and why Virgin Mobile Custom is the right phone service for parents to give their kids.

Virgin Mobile Custom at Walmart - Build your own plan & parental controls #Sponsored #VirginMobileMom #MC

For more information on the new Virgin Mobile Custom be sure to head on over to their website. You can also follow Virgin Mobile on Facebook and Twitter and for a more detailed look at the great features Virgin Mobile Custom offers parents be sure to check out the video below.



At what age do you think a child should get a cell phone?


Use the Perfect Pop App by Pop Secret to Pop Perfect Family Movie Night Popcorn!

by Jennifer Wieland
Pop Secret Perfect Pop #sponsored

 Thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today's discussion. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

It was a tradition in my house growing up to watch movies together on the weekends and my dad and mom would always pop Pop Secret popcorn for us to eat and give us some lemonade to drink. Now that I’ve been a mom these last 21 years it is a tradition with my group too. We’ll pop some Pop Secret microwave popcorn, drink some lemonade and have a family movie night. The kids always look forward to it and sometimes I feel like it’s the only time we all calm down enough to enjoy hanging out together. The only problem I have though with movie night is that my pre-programmed popcorn setting on my microwave never cooks the popcorn long enough and when I try to add time I always end up burning it and nobody, but nobody likes the smell or taste of burned popcorn. Oh to pop perfect family movie night popcorn!

I know I’m not alone in my burned popcorn experience. Everyone can relate to the frustration of burning popcorn, so Pop Secret decided to solve the problem once and for all, so you can spend more time enjoying movies and less time worrying about burned popcorn!

With your iPhone 5+ on iOS 7+, download Perfect Pop (“Perfect Popcorn”) for free on the App Store.

1. Put a bag of Pop Secret in the microwave and enter suggested cooking time from the packaging. Note: Perfect Pop is optimized for the deliciousness of Pop Secret popcorn only.

2. Turn up the volume on your iPhone. Point the phone’s speaker towards the microwave and keep within 3 feet.Pop Secret Perfect Pop #sponsored

3. Start the microwave, and then start the app.
Pop Secret Perfect Pop #sponsored

No more relying on the popcorn button or guessing how many seconds in between pops. Pop Secret is serious about perfect popcorn, so the less you have to worry about, the more time you can spend enjoying movie night with your friends & family. Perfect Pop listens to the pops, waiting for the precise moment to let you know when your popcorn is perfect.

Pop Secret Perfect Pop #sponsored

I have to say that the popcorn did come out perfect! It was so nice not to have a bag half popped or popcorn that’s a little black around the edges. The kids thought the app was tons of fun! They liked the inside the bag view that showed all of the popcorn popping away. They were also jumping up and down and yelling stop when the app said stop.

Pop Secret Perfect Pop App #sponsored

My son read every fun fact to us that the app gave.

As you can see here the kids were completely into the movie we watched and certainly went through all of their popcorn very quickly! Luckily, though I was able to pop some more perfect popcorn for the whole family to keep their popcorn bowls filled during the movie.

Pop Secret Perfect Pop App #sponsored


Pop Secret Perfect Pop #sponsored




Get Healthy as a Family with the ibitz at Best Buy

by Jennifer Wieland

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


ibitz™ by GeoPalz® is a wireless pedometer. The new ibitz Kid and Adult Wireless Pedometers, are physical activity based devices and apps that wirelessly syncs to your iOS Bluetooth 4.0® (BLE) phone or tablet and allows adults and children their own unique experience with personalized apps. The ibitz Unity for adults tracks steps, distance, weight (added manually), height, overall physical activity, even BMI, and allows them to incorporate their family and friends. Now you are able to form groups and post your progress on social media.

The ibitz for kids wireless pedometer syncs to a rewards platform app.  Parents can set goals and rewards such as play time, screen time, or an adventure with a parent.  Now you are able to earn coins and content on Disney’s Club Penguin.

ibitz at Best Buy

The ibitz  by GeoPalz wireless pedometers make investing in a healthy future completely effortless, fun, intelligent, and affordable.

  • available in 7 kid-friendly colors
  • free iOS app* syncs device wirelessly
  • syncs via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • tracks activity
  • set goals and rewards
  • water-resistant
  • durable clip for hip and shoe
  • stores 30 days of activity
  • earn parent directed rewards
  • earn coins and content on Disney’s Club Penguin

ibitz kids and parents fitness trackers @BestBuy #ibitzatBestBuy

For this review I received both an adult and kid’s ibitz to help facilitate the review. My ibitz came in all black and the kids one was orange. The setup on both devices was quick and easy and both devices came with an extra battery. I downloaded the apps but had some trouble locating in the iTunes store but was able to get to the app downloads by going to the ibitz website. There were two apps needed, the Unity app is the adult app and the GeoPalz app is for the kids ibitz. Both were very quick and easy to set up and use. We also setup a Disney’s Club Penguin account so that the kids could earn coins to use in the game.

ibitz apps @BestBuy #ibitzatBestBuy

ibitz Unity App @BestBuy #ibitzatBestBuy

The devices are great little pedometers and help you to set and create goals to help get you on the path to a healthier life. The kids enjoyed being able to see how well they did compared to me and it became a bit of a game to see who did in fact do better. For me, it motivated me to get back to exercising after our brutal winter. Once I saw how far off I was from reaching 10,000 steps a day I really tried to get my count up and have also been doing aerobic exercise as well now. So this has really helped me to try to get back on track and it is fun to be able to do this as a family because it makes it easier to stay motivated.




Walmart Family Mobile Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans

by Jennifer Wieland
Walmart Family Mobile Samsung Galaxy Exhibit #FamilyMobile #MaxYourTax #shop #cbias

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser.


I have been in desperate need of a new cell phone, plan and service for some time now. Being a mom I often skip getting myself some new tech toys in favor of everyone else in the house getting them. I had reached a point though where my phone was about 1 1/2 years old, was only 3G capable and I wanted to be able to save money while not being locked into a contract but get top-notch service. So I knew that when I filed my taxes this year that one of the things I would use my return on was definitely going to be a brand new cell phone. My search began and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Walmart and T-Mobile had teamed up to create Walmart Family Mobile and that they had the lowest priced unlimited plans around. Unlimited talk, text and data/web for only $39.88 was like a dream come true to my budget. Now all I had to do was check out the phones available.

Walmart Family Mobile Samsung Galaxy Exhibit #FamilyMobile #MaxYourTax #shop #cbias

I was surprised at the number of phones available through Walmart Family Mobile. I personally decided on going with the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. This phone retails for $99.88 and then the starter kit is $25.00 I also went ahead and tacked on the 2 year replacement plan for $9.00, just to be on the safe side. I was really happy that they had a phone in the Samsung Galaxy family of phones since my husband has used many of them for work and they have all been great products. This phone is no exception, while it is not a huge screen it is a good size and has great color and display. It is also 4G capable, so for me it has been a tremendous bump in speed when using data.

Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobile #MaxYourTax #shop #cbias

Now, no cell phone would be complete without accessories. I like to get accessories that fit my lifestyle and make my chaotic life easier. I am notorious for having people on speakerphone but they always complain because it echos or they hear themselves. I decided to get the Motorola SonicRider Wireless In-Car Speakerphone so that I could talk hands-free easier and also find a way to play music from my phone while on road trips. This worked out great for both of those. I also got a Scosche 4 in 1 mounting kit. I was not sure if I wanted a vent mount or a suction and this one gave me the ability to try both. Now instead of having the phone in my purse and having to fish it out it’s right at my fingertips. I picked up the Straight Talk Wireless Armband Case too for when I exercise. I like that this armband is almost like a small wallet with a neoprene arm strap. It stays up when it’s on and I don’t have to take my phone out of its case to use it and I can keep a house key and some money it as well. The only accessory I wanted that I had a hard time finding was a case for the phone. None of the Walmarts in my area had cases in store so I had to order one online. Luckily, had a large selection to choose from. I picked one with a stand so that it’s easier to read when I am reading recipes on it or when the kids are using it for games. 

 Cell Phone Accessories #FamilyMobile #cbias #shop #MaxYourTax

Once I had the phone, I called in to activate the phone and it was a piece of cake. I was able to transfer my existing number over quickly and with no problems. The customer service rep who helped me was very nice and clearly explained everything to me, let me know how long things would take and what to expect. I could not have been happier with the service.

After that, I then needed to get some apps on the phone that I need. Being a blogger Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Outlook, WordPress and Pinterest were my priority. Once I had those I bought some Dr. Seuss books for the kids to read and a couple of games for them to play when I let them use it. They are really enjoying the books and I think that I will add a couple more for them.

Walmart Family Mobile #FamilyMobile #MaxYourTax #shop #cbias

I can honestly say that I am so thrilled with my new phone and service. I can’t beat the price and the coverage has been phenomenal where I live. I even like the fact that Walmart Family Mobile has you pay for your service at the end of the month rather than at the beginning of the month. To some people, that may not seem like a big deal but to someone who is self-employed I really like it. You should let Walmart #FamilyMobile help you #MaxYourTax this year. Thanks to Walmart Family Mobile and #CollectiveBias I was able to and I couldn’t be happier.


What do you want to do this year to #MaxYourTax?

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