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How To Make Your Trip To New York City Absolutely Amazing

by Jennifer Wieland
Five great tips to make your trip to New York City absolutely amazing!

Five great tips to make your trip to New York City absolutely amazing!

If you’ve decided to travel to New York City soon, it’s important to think and act strategically. Doing so will help ensure that you have fun, save money, and leave the city feeling enriched and rejuvenated. Here are five techniques you can implement to ensure that your trip to the Big Apple is incredible:

1. Book Everything In Advance.

One great way to make your trip to NYC absolutely amazing is by booking everything in advance. This strategy will enable you to save money while also avoiding the frustrations that tend to transpire when you wait until the last minute to book your hotel, flight, etc. There are several websites that make booking simple and strategic, including This website empowers you to compare and contrast the pricings of several companies so you can make a cost-effective decision.Five great tips to make your trip to New York City absolutely amazing!

2. Take A Bus Tour.

Another great way to make your trip to NYC phenomenal is by taking a bus tour. These tours enable you to enjoy the sight-seeing process and familiarize yourself with the history of the city without the hassles that come with walking. NYC bus tours companies like Go New York Tours are pleased to provide clients with a wide range of package options that will enable them to enjoy local attractions. This company also offers clients discounts for purchasing their packages via Internet.

3. Make Health A Must.

In addition to taking a bus tour, remember to make health a must while you travel. This step is important because many people throw wellness out of the window while on vacation and then find themselves feeling and looking horrible during and after the trip. Avoid this negative outcome by implementing health strategies that will help you look good and feel great throughout your traveling experience. One technique you can employ to make it happen is booking a hotel that features a gym. In this setting, you can keep yourself lean and trim by using great equipment like the treadmill, elliptical, cycling machines, and whatever else they feature.

Another great way to stay healthy while on vacation is finding restaurants that feature delicious, nutritious foods. An example would be vegan restaurants that enable you to avoid the typically high fat content of animal products. You can also pack healthy snacks for your plane flight to avoid fattening foods like sodium-rich peanuts.

4. Go With A Group.

If you really want to have an amazing time on your trip to New York City, be sure to go with a group. This technique will empower you to save money on your hotel and flight while also ensuring that you can share your experience with people you love.

5. Research All Service Providers.

One final strategy you should employ to ensure that you have a fabulous time in NYC is researching all service providers. Doing business with reputable retailers is a great way to avoid scams, poor customer service, and other realities that tend to transpire when you utilize the products and services of a sketchy company. There are several strategies you can employ to ensure that you’re purchasing your services and products from ethical companies. One is to check each company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. If the company does not have a BBB rating, be sure to carefully read the online reviews left about them.


If you’re planning to travel to NYC soon and want to have a fabulous time, now is the time to implement techniques which ensure that you can. You can utilize some or all of the travelling tips outlined in this quick reference guide to ensure that your trip to the Big Apple is absolutely amazing!






Enjoy Central Park with a Unique Perspective

by Jennifer Wieland
Enjoy Central Park with a Unique Perspective - Central Park Bike Tours

Enjoy Central Park with a Unique Perspective - Central Park Bike Tours

If you’re planning a visit to New York City, you’ll probably be making a stop at Central Park. This amazing National Historic Landmark is one of the most visited urban parks in the entire United States; and for good reason. It is spread out over 843 acres, there’s an abundance of activities to enjoy, and the scenery is beautiful. There is so much to do and see; this amazing park has always had year-round appeal.

Make a Stop at one of the Visitor’s Centers

There are several visitor’s centers throughout the park, including the Dairy Visitor Center and Gift Shop as well as the Columbus Circle Information Kiosk in Merchants’ Gate Plaza. You’ll be able to pick up maps, guides, and get more information on upcoming events.

What to See in Central Park

A popular spot for visitors is the Central Park Zoo. In the courtyard, you’ll find the sea lion pool, and surrounding the pool are benches where you can relax and take in the beauty of the perennial garden. You’ll also find Belvedere Castle, a miniature castle that was built in 1869 and now overlooks the Great Lawn as well as the reservoir and the Ramble.

Of course, you’ll also want to see the Conservatory Garden, Bethesda Fountain, Sheep Meadow, Shakespeare Garden, the Carousel, Strawberry Fields, and Wollman Rink.

Grab a Bite

When you’re ready to grab something to eat, Central Park has 3 full service restaurants as well as several cafes and concession stands, and numerous concession carts throughout the park. At the Loeb Boathouse you can relax and dine with a beautiful view overlooking the lake. The Tavern on the Green offers everything from a Veggie Burger to Organic Scottish Salmon. Another great place to satisfy your hunger is Le Pain Quotidien. They serve a variety of bakery goods as well as organic beverages, salads, and homemade breads. They have a 30 seat dining room, 100 seat open terrace, and a takeout window if you want to grab a bite to take with you.

Take a Tour

While there is certainly an abundance of fun things to do, if you want to make the most out of your visit, be sure to sign up for a guided tour. A company like Bike Rental Central Park offers a variety of Central Park bike tours. With a bike tour, you’ll be able to experience Central Park in a way that you never could on foot. These tours are open for adults as well as children, so you can bring your whole family.

You’ll have an experienced guide to take you to some of the best spots in the park. You’ll be able to see wildlife, classic architecture, famous locations where Hollywood movies were filmed, the Olmsted designed waterfall, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Obelisk, and the loch, as well as possible celebrity sightings.

See Central Park by Bike

Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can forego a guided tour and simply rent a bike. With a bike, you’ll be able to take in more of the great sites in the park. However, you choose to see Central Park, it should be one of your must-see stops on your itinerary when you visit New York City.

A visit to Central Park is certainly an experience you won’t want to miss. This vast park can take days to explore by foot, but with a bicycle tour or bike rental, you’ll be able to make the most of your visit.






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