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Cutting Boards USA Review

by Jennifer Wieland
Maple Cutting Board from Cutting Boards USA

I received a cutting board from Cutting Boards USA to help facilitate this review. All thought and opinions are my own.

Cutting Boards USA was kind enough to send me one of their arched maple cutting boards to use in my day-to-day life to see how well it works. For me this was an easy review to do because I am always chopping and dicing in the kitchen and thanks to my husband who is a woodworker I already knew the best way to care for a wooden cutting board. When you get a wooden cutting board you will want to oil it. I used mineral oil for mine but there are many other options available to use on the wood. Maple Cutting Board from Cutting Boards USA

Once my cutting board was oiled and ready to be used I gladly put it to the test with some produce. I placed a damp towel under the board to make sure that it did not slide and went to work cutting up potatoes and lemons for dinner. The cutting board worked beautifully for this and cleanup was a breeze with some soapy water and a good hand wash. The cuts to the board from the knives was minimal and I liked that this particular board has a liquid groove all the way around to catch any drippings. The size (9″x12″x3/4″) of the board was also nice without it being to large and difficult to store. With proper care and maintenance I know this cutting board will last me for years to come.

 Maple Cutting Board from Cutting Boards USA

Cutting Boards USA makes cutting boards in Maple and Walnut and in a variety of sizes and shapes. They even offer novelty boards, custom designs and engraving. Any of those would make a perfect gift for a wedding shower, house-warming or even for Mother’s Day. To learn more about the proper care and maintenance of the cutting boards and to see the products they have available head on over to the Cutting Boards USA website.


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