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Our Day Out With Thomas Trip

by Jennifer Wieland
Day Out With Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

This weekend we had the chance to attend the Day Out with Thomas Event at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, Illinois. The kids were so excited about going to this and as the day approached the excitement level grew and grew. My ten-year old Luke is a hardcore Thomas fan and has been since he was little. For him going to this was a dream come true. He is Autistic as I mentioned here on the blog before and through Thomas he has learned to express and read emotions better. He will gladly talk for hours to anyone willing to listen to him all about Thomas and all his steamy and diesel friends. This has been a great help in him learning to communicate with others. My seven-year old and five-year old children also like Thomas thanks to their big brother. So on Saturday the kids happily loaded into the car and we drove out to Union to meet Thomas face to face and take a ride on him for the first time ever!
Day Out With Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

We got stuck behind a car accident on our way out to Union, Illinois which was already 1.5 hours drive from our house but ended up being longer due to the car accident ahead of us. When we finally arrived at the Illinois Railway Museum we had half an hour before our scheduled train ride on Thomas so we headed straight over to get in line.

Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

It was a good thing we did go right over to the Thomas line because we were able to get in line for the first car directly behind Thomas. I have to commend the Illinois Railway Museum for how easy it was to locate everything. There was clear signage showing you where to go for what and all of the tents with activities and such were clearly labeled.

Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

I have to admit that when my 10-year-old saw Thomas he was nervous. His anxiety kicked in a bit until we were seated and the train began to move. While on the train each of the kids received a Junior Conductor certificate from the train conductors. They do also take family photos that you can purchase on the train.

Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

After the train ride we spotted this great banner that had Thomas, Percy and Rosie. These are the trains that each of my kids like best so it was fun to get a picture of them next to their favorite train. There were several different banners perfect for photos throughout the event.

Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

We then headed over to the tents. In one of the tents you were able to hear stories and watch videos and in the next tent you were able to get all sorts of tattoos of Thomas and his friends, color and play with some of the Mega Blocks and Trackmaster Thomas toys.

Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

The absolute favorite tent was the Gift Shop tent. It was filled with tons of Thomas merchandise! They had a huge selection of Thomas Wooden Railway toys and had many clothing and home items that were specific to Day Out with Thomas or that I had never come across at any stores.

There was another tent that had a magician performing and another one that had a really large model train setup inside of it. The kids and I were all fascinated by that one. So much so that I totally forgot to snap some pictures. My son already has the Lionel Thomas model train and now wants two other ones as well.

Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014

All in all it was a great day with lots of entertainment and everyone had a great time. There were plenty of food and drink vendors on hand to help beat the hot, humid weather and all were reasonably priced. If you have a little Thomas fan in your house and want something fun for the whole family to do then be sure to snag your tickets to Day Out with Thomas: The Thrill of the Ride Tour 2014. Thomas will be here in Illinois still this weekend so head here to get your tickets. Don’t worry though if you aren’t in Illinois, Thomas is still going to be traveling the country and there are plenty of other cities he will be chugging into. To find out if he will be in a city near you and to order tickets head here



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    It looks like you had a great time! We really enjoyed ourselves this year, too.
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