End of School Year Printable Bookmarks

by Jennifer Wieland
Free Printable: End of School Year Bookmarks

The end of the school year is swiftly approaching for us here. We have two more weeks since we had so many snow days this past winter but I know some schools are finishing up this week, next week and some even further into June than our district. On the last day of school is when the kids give out their teacher gifts and some kids give the rest of their classmates something small as well. Before it may have been some candy or a parent may have brought in cupcakes, cookies or popsicles but now we are no longer able to bring in food treats in our district and I’m sure with all of the allergies many school districts across the country have the same policy. So this year for my first and fourth graders I decided to get a little creative and make bookmarks for the kids. Many public libraries have reading programs and the one in our town is quite popular so I figured this would be a fun way to tell their friends goodbye for the summer but with something useful, cute and very inexpensive.

Free Printable: End of School Year Bookmarks

I designed four different bookmarks so there is variety and I put them all into one pdf so you can print all four on one piece of paper. Then all you need to do is print them out on card stock or another heavy paper and cut them out. Your child can sign the backs of them too with a little note to make it even more special and then it’s all ready to go. You can take this a step further though and attach each one to a book so that each child has a new book to take home and read. You can always find inexpensive books at the dollar store, book resale shops, or your local library because they often sell used books for $1 or less. I’ve even found them on clearance at Target or Scholastic usually has $1 books in the school flyers.

Free Printable: End of School Year Bookmarks

I really like this whole idea because it promotes expanding a child’s mind and you just can’t go wrong with that as an end of year gift.

Free Printable: End of School Year Bookmarks

You can click the link for the End of Year Bookmarks or if you are looking for a more basic printable that you can attach to anything then checkout my printable from the end of last school year here.



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