Free Insurance Advice to Help You Save Money on Your Coverage

by Jennifer Wieland
Free Insurance Advice to Help You Save Money on Your Coverage

Yes, it would be super if you could secure insurance coverage for free, or at least a sample of insurance coverage, but you can’t. You might be able to get a month free or another valuable discount, but you will need to pay something for your insurance, because the company may need to pay something should you file a claim. So, let go of the concept of “free” when it comes to insurance, but accept that you can save money, and that’s better than nothing is. Here are some things you can do cut your insurance costs.

Free Insurance Advice to Help You Save Money on Your Coverage

Work With a Professional

The thought that it costs more to secure your policies through a local insurance agent is a misnomer. This rumor has been spread for decades, but the truth be told, these industry experts know how to get you discounts. These people work directly with the insurance companies, and they know every perk each carrier offers. They can get you discounts that you weren’t aware of, and they can also help you cut costs where safe to do so.

For example, you might see that a so-and-so insurance company offers you 10 percent off an online policy, but other insurance companies are offering 15 to 20 percent discount incentives through their agents. In addition, you just paid off your car, and the agent can look at cost-saving measures to reduce your policy coverage and, thereby, its premiums. The agent knows state requirements better than you do, so enlist expert help.

Combine Your Policies

Another benefit of working through an agent is he or she can help you combine all of your insurance coverage into one policy with one company. This actually saves you money. The insurance carrier doesn’t want to insure your vehicle only. It also wants to insure your home, your belongings, your life, and even your health if your company doesn’t offer benefits. When it has all of your business, it has more of your business, and this means it makes more money.

Many companies have enticed new customers by offering significant discounts on combined policies. They will cut your premiums if you secure all of your needed coverage with them. In addition, if you are a safe driver, have a home alarm system, and are healthy, these are just some of the ways you will pose less risk to the company, and they may just award you with additional discounts, as well. An insurance expert can help you find savings where you didn’t know there were ones.


As mentioned above, you’ll be hard-pressed to find free insurance, but you might be able to get a free month or two of coverage. Some companies will lure new customers in by offering a month free; others will give you one month free if you pay your annual premium all at once. Even if a company doesn’t offer a free month, check out the discounts for full payment. Oftentimes, the money saved by paying for your policy all at once rather than monthly will equate to one or more free months.

Coverage No Matter What

The most important thing is that you’re covered no matter what. You might be tempted to get free insurance by not having insurance at all, but what happens if something happens. One policy that many people skimp on is life insurance coverage… and then the unthinkable happens. Imagine your family without you or your income; it’s unimaginable. This is why you should speak with an expert about getting all the coverage you need to protect you and your family.

This is what insurance is for: to protect. You won’t get a free policy, but you can realize significant savings on your policies if you work with an expert. Don’t skimp on protecting you and your family.




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