Grinch Quote Christmas Printable in Four Colors

by Jennifer Wieland
Grinch Quote Christmas Printable - free & available in four colors

Well, it is finally here, the end of November and I have been making Christmas crafts like this Grinch Quote Christmas Printable. This goes against everything in me because Thursday will be Thanksgiving and my 40th birthday! I used to hate having a birthday that fell on or around Thanksgiving every year. As a kid it made it hard to have a birthday party with friends because so often people travel to see family for Thanksgiving. As I got older my birthday was just an after thought to the turkey most years. A quick song of Happy Birthday and my birthday cake is almost always relegated to the dessert table with the rest of the Thanksgiving sweets. Maybe because of all of that I sympathize with Thanksgiving. It seems once Halloween ends every store and person nowadays shifts right into Christmas.

This early shift to Christmas is hard for me as a blogger. I know I have to get Christmas crafts, gift ideas, products and recipes out to you, my readers but I always feel like Thanksgiving is neglected. That Christmas has grown and grown to the point that it has lost all of what was special, beautiful, meaningful and the true reason behind it. Poor Thanksgiving in many ways has become like my birthday cake, an after thought on the road to the big holidays. That was why this Grinch Quote Christmas Printable is so perfect for how I feel Christmas has become for so many.

Grinch Quote Christmas Printable - free & available in four colors

I decided to do this print in four different colors (blue, red, green & purple) so that there would be something hopefully for everyone’s colors schemes. All you have to do is print one, two, three or all four of them out in color. I personally went to the dollar store and found silver 8″ x 10″ frames for this and another printable coming soon. This makes for a very cheap decoration and if you don’t have a color printer at home don’t worry. You can have your local office store print it out for you for some change. Decorate the frame if you want and it makes a great gift as well.

Grinch Qupte Christmas Printable

Download Grinch quote Christmas printable in blue

Download Grinch quote Christmas printable in green

Download Grinch quote Christmas printable in purple

Download Grinch quote Christmas printable in red


Are you planning to make any homemade decorations this year for the holidays?



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