Kid’s Academy Apps Make Learning Fun

by Jennifer Wieland
Kid's Academy: Educational Kids Apps
Today’s post is sponsored by Kid’s Academy. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Learning has come a long way since I was a kid! With all of the technology available to kids they are constantly able to reinforce every single thing they learn in school daily. Kid’s Academy Apps are a great resource for doing just this. They have some great apps just perfect for preschool and kindergarten aged children.

Kid's Academy: Educational Kids Apps

Bingo ABCs Alphabet Phonics Song with Farm Animal Cards

Kid's Academy: Educational Kids Apps  #MomBuzz #FreeKidsApps

I remember singing Bingo as a kid countless times. At the time I had no idea I was learning through fun. I’m so glad that my daughter can now enjoy doing the same thing with this app. She loves singing so once the cartoon girl began to sing she immediately followed suit and clapped along to the beat. The one issue that I had with the app is that it only sings the first two verses. After that it asks you to purchase the full app or a single feature. Now my daughter had not learned the Bingo song before this so she didn’t know she was missing some of it so I may need to get her the full version so she can really get into the whole singing and clapping. It’s definitely worth it though if you have a little one that enjoys singing.

ABCs Alphabet Phonics & Montessori Learn to Read

Kid's Academy: Educational Kids Apps  #MomBuzz #FreeKidsApps

My daughter is in Kindergarten and they work on phonics daily so this game was perfect to supplement that work at home. This allowed her to work on her letters and letter sounds. She also enjoyed the mazes section. While I liked the mazes for improving her hand eye coordination. Her absolute favorite thing about this app though was the rhyming section. She is always asking someone in the house to do rhyming words with her so having an app that helped her work on this by dragging a picture to another picture out of a group that rhymed with it was perfect and easy for her to do. This is definitely an app that she will continue to use the rest of the year in Kindergarten.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Kids Games

Kid's Academy: Educational Kids Apps  #MomBuzz #FreeKidsApps

This app was highly rated by my kindergartner. She enjoyed tracing the numbers and I liked that she had to stay in the lines so that it was uniform. She has a tendency to rush when writing her numbers so this is teaching her to go slow and take her time as she works. She also liked the other section for the alphabet. A capital letter and its lowercase match would com out in a scene and then there would be two items in the scene grayed out. When you tapped on them it would say the word emphasizing the first letter sound, then it would show how it is spelled and it would also animate the object.

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