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Never Run Out Again with Scott

by Jennifer Wieland
Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra


Have you ever had one of those moments? That time when you needed something. Something you always have on hand and just plain old forgot to restock in your house the last time you went shopping? I know I have but toilet paper is never one of those things with Scott.

Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra

The worst thing I know I have ever ran out of was diapers. I know how do you run out of those, right? It’s simple really. You have three kids in diapers and pull-ups and are sleep deprived. Talk about having to get creative in a hurry! (Goodbye long sleeved t-shirt, your sacrifice was not in vain.)

Now that my family is fully toilet trained <says a thanks you prayer> I don’t have to worry about that, but I do have to worry about toilet paper. Scott makes that a breeze for my large family.

Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra

With my very full house we can go through one of those skimpy little rolls of paper in as quick as half a day. That’s why I like to head to my local Sam’s Club and grab the Scott 1000 36 roll pack. With 1000 sheets per roll our toilet paper rolls survive for a MUCH longer period in our house. 

Never Run Out with Scott 1000 and Sam's Club. #get100extra

Scott® 1000 bath tissue has big news. Their long lasting rolls now LASTS EVEN LONGER. Get an additional 100 sheets on every roll at SAM’S CLUB. That’s more of the quality performance you love at the VALUE you’ve come to expect. Scott® 1000 bonus pack is available online and in select clubs. 

For even MORE savings, please download the FREE Ibotta app to earn $5 off Scott® 1000 Bonus Pack at Sam’s Club®. That means even more bang for your buck! 


If you don’t have a Sam’s Club® membership, you need one not just for better toilet paper deals but for all of the other great ways to save on things your family uses daily! It more than pays for itself with exclusive savings on the things you need, the things you love and all sorts of unexpected things!



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Jennifer is a mom to 5 boys, 1 girl and 1 husband. Her kids range in age from 8-24 so things are always crazy with everything from school life, to autism and to college and beyond. She tries to bake, craft, travel and blog her way through all of the chaos and craziness that life, her kids and her husband throw her way.

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