Fun Pokémon Lunch Box Notes

by Jennifer Wieland
Pokémon Fun Facts and Joke Lunch Box Notes
If your house is anything like mine then you have at least one kid that is Pokémon crazy right now. For me this seems like something I have been dealing with for decades. It’s possible that I should feel that way since that’s because I have hearing all about Pokémon for almost two decades. My oldest is 23 and has been a Pokémon fan since he was five. He got his first Pokémon cards and game way back in 1998 and we waited in line on a day off of school to see the first Pokémon movie the day it came out. Now it’s my three youngest who are all about the Pokémon games, cards and shows. It was because of all of this and with school just starting that I thought it would be perfect to create some fun Pokémon lunch box notes.

Pokémon Fun Facts and Joke Lunch Box Notes

I know you were thinking, “Nearly two decades? Yeah, right!” As you can see though I have definitely got my moneys worth out of that GameBoy Advance SP and the original Pokémon Red game. Six kids later and it’s still working… LOL!

Pokémon Fun Facts and Joke Lunch Box Notes

Some of these Pokémon lunch box notes have fun facts for the budding Pokémon fan. While others have a silly Pokémon joke for your child to share with their friends at lunchtime to get a laugh out of everyone. All of them have Pokémon pictures and a Pokeball motif for the background design.

Pokémon Fun Facts and Joke Lunch Box Notes

It’s super easy to get a set of these for your kids. All you have to do to print off these Pokémon lunch box notes is to click on the image below. That will then open up a printable PDF version of the lunch box notes for you. You can either print them at that time or you can save them for future use.

Pokémon Fun Facts and Joke Lunch Box Notes

For another great set of themed lunch box notes be sure to check out these Star Wars ones below!

Star Wars Lunchbox Notes Printables - My Sweet Sanity #backtoschool #freeprintables





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