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12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb Gift Ideas

by Jennifer Wieland
A Roundup of 12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb!

The holidays are right around the corner. That means my pocketbook is going to be stretched thin. I have a ton of immediate family to buy for and then there’s extended family, friends, co-workers, yada, yada, yada. You get the idea. Money gets tight quickly. I do try to buy gifts when I can throughout the year but that final push the last month or two can really hit hard. I like having gifts that I can make and give out. First of all, I think they are more thoughtful and secondly, you can find some inexpensive ones to make. Bath bombs are all the rage with girls, teens and women. So being able to make some as gifts or stocking stuffers is a perfect go-to DIY gift idea.

A Roundup of 12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb!

12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb

These bath bombs are just the DIY gift you need. This list has the perfect DIY bath bombs whether you have skin issues, a cold, want to unwind from the day or just want some that look pretty and smell good. These bath bombs also has you covered for DIY gifts for everything from Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, to Mother’s Day, birthdays and even get well soon gifts.

1. Orange Bath Bombs
2. Lavender Bath Bombs
3. Heart Bath Bombs
4. Peppermint Bath Bombs
5. Fizzy Bath Bombs
6. Eucalyptus Bath Bombs
7. Belle’s Bath Bomb
8. Galaxy Bath Bombs
9. Chlorine Blasting Bath Bombs
10. Cupcake Bath Bombs
11. Mason Jar Bath Bombs
12. Unicorn Bath Bombs

Packaging up these bath bombs as gift is simple, easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is place them in cellophane bags and finish a label and some decorative ribbons If you want a more polished idea add them to a mason jar and finish it off with a top and side label, a pretty bow and a tag with instructions. 




Splash Cards from Winning Moves Games

by Jennifer Wieland
Winning Moves Games - Splash Cards - Splash Pals & Splashimals

I received products from Winning Moves Games to facilitate the review of these products but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

FTC Disclosure

Are you on the lookout for something other than candy to fill Easter baskets with this holiday season? If so, then have I got something to share with you. Winning Moves Games was kind enough to send over two of their Splash Cards games for me to review. We received Splash Pals which is designed to improve math and memory skills and Splashimals which is 15 animals with over 225 different combinations. When my five-year old saw these she was so excited because you see, Splash Cards can be played in the tub because they are washable and waterproof. 

Winning Moves Games - Splash Cards - Splash Pals & Splashimals

Splashimals comes with 30 cards and each card has half of an animal pictured on it with half of the animal’s name. There are four different play options that really keep the game fun, interesting and age appropriate. Splash Pals comes with 36 cards and has four different age level types of play like the Splashimals but it also has a game and instructions for it. My daughter loves this game and I like that it helps with early math addition.  Both games come in mesh pouches with Velcro closure too so that the water can easily drain from the cards and they dry out nicely.

Winning Moves Games - Splash Cards - Splash Pals & Splashimals

My daughter has our tub cluttered with dolls, foam toys, squirters and numerous other tub toys. She wanted to jump in the tub right away and start playing. For the sake of the review we did play with the cards out of the tub though which was still lots of fun. She has been playing with the cards though in the tub at bath time and could not be happier with them.

Winning Moves Games - Splash Cards - Splash Pals & Splashimals

I personally like the games because you can play with them in or out of the tub. The games are also designed for children ages 2(and under)-6 and the really great thing is they have different ways to use the cards based off of the child’s age. I like a game or toy that can grow with the kids and that they can get a ton of use out while learning and having fun. My seven and nine-year old boys who try to avoid bathing at all costs even started playing with them too in the tub. It has made bath/shower time so mush easier.Winning Moves Games - Splash Cards - Splash Pals & Splashimals

This Easter if you are trying to fill Easter baskets but want to avoid all of the candy or just want to add a fun and educational game then I would definitely recommend that you get these. For more information on Splash Cards and to check out the two other Splash Cards games be sure to head on over to the Winning Moves Games website. You can also find them on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.



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