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12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb Gift Ideas

by Jennifer Wieland
A Roundup of 12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb!

The holidays are right around the corner. That means my pocketbook is going to be stretched thin. I have a ton of immediate family to buy for and then there’s extended family, friends, co-workers, yada, yada, yada. You get the idea. Money gets tight quickly. I do try to buy gifts when I can throughout the year but that final push the last month or two can really hit hard. I like having gifts that I can make and give out. First of all, I think they are more thoughtful and secondly, you can find some inexpensive ones to make. Bath bombs are all the rage with girls, teens and women. So being able to make some as gifts or stocking stuffers is a perfect go-to DIY gift idea.

A Roundup of 12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb!

12 DIY Bath Bombs That Are Da Bomb

These bath bombs are just the DIY gift you need. This list has the perfect DIY bath bombs whether you have skin issues, a cold, want to unwind from the day or just want some that look pretty and smell good. These bath bombs also has you covered for DIY gifts for everything from Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, to Mother’s Day, birthdays and even get well soon gifts.

1. Orange Bath Bombs
2. Lavender Bath Bombs
3. Heart Bath Bombs
4. Peppermint Bath Bombs
5. Fizzy Bath Bombs
6. Eucalyptus Bath Bombs
7. Belle’s Bath Bomb
8. Galaxy Bath Bombs
9. Chlorine Blasting Bath Bombs
10. Cupcake Bath Bombs
11. Mason Jar Bath Bombs
12. Unicorn Bath Bombs

Packaging up these bath bombs as gift is simple, easy and inexpensive. All you need to do is place them in cellophane bags and finish a label and some decorative ribbons If you want a more polished idea add them to a mason jar and finish it off with a top and side label, a pretty bow and a tag with instructions. 




Make Fun Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop

by Jennifer Wieland
Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!
This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #eHolidays #CollectiveBias


The holidays are fast approaching and in the mix of holidays I’m sure we all have a birthday, anniversary, wedding, shower or countless other things thrown into the mix too. Sometimes life sneaks up on you and you’re in need of a last-minute rushed gift. While other times you plan way in advance but know that a gift card is the perfect gift. Who wants to just send a dull boring gift card in an envelope or via email? A gift should have some life and personality to it right? That’s why I love that you can make fun personalized gift card gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

My sister has been a little down lately. She has five kids and three of them are ages two and under. She has a 12-year-old daughter, a 9-year-old son, 2-year-old boy, girl twins and a 1-year-old son. Basically, she has been pregnant or in new mom mode for three years straight. She spends all her time running the old kids around while hauling three little ones with her. At home she spends her day chasing down diaper clad bottoms going in three different directions. Her husband is a great guy and helps as much as possible but he works. However, there are always diapers, sleepless nights and days she prays for a shower alone for some me time. 

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

I really wanted to send her a pick me up. Something to cheer her up and let her know that someone understands how much she needs a moment to herself to remember that she is not just mommy but Kim too. So I headed to The Gift Card Shop to find an egift card she would love but one that she would also spend only on herself. So she could indulge in some shopping. (I will even babysit.) I picked out a Sephora card because she loves beauty products and I know she’ll enjoy getting to try to pick out new items. 

It was so easy to order and personalize this gift with The Gift Card Shop that I’m going to show you!

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

Head to The Gift Card Shop website. Click on the digital tab in the upper right corner.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

I then clicked on the eGift Card link at the top of the page and browsed through the huge selection of egift cards.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

Once I found the one I wanted, Sephora, I clicked the link for it. There I was able to select a denomination, choose between a digital gift card or a physical one and then I could either add to cart or personalize. I opted for the digital card and to personalize.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

I was then taken to a a page where I could select from digital greeting cards, digital photobooks or digital video greetings. All of these would be a perfect option but i kept it simple and selected a digital greeting card.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

I was then taken to a selection of beautiful card designs and narrowed it down with the occasions along the left side of the page. I went to the Just Because section of cards to find just what I was looking for. I then clicked on the card I wanted.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

I decided to go with this Chin Up Buttercup card for my sister. I loved the beautiful flower background with the bold, silly saying. This is where you begin creating. Once you get the large view of the front you can select Back to pick a different card or Next to start to personalize it. If you select a card with a photo you can upload pictures from your computer, Facebook or Instagram.


I typed a fun message to my sister and “signed” it. I was able to select different font types, colors, sizes and alignment. When I was happy with it I clicked on the Next button.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

There is so much detail that you can even select the envelope liner and envelope. Once that’s done you click on the Next button again at the top.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

Click on the banner that says SWIPE OR CLICK to open your card and it will show you how the whole thing will look to the recipient. If it’s good just click on the Approve button at the top.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

You then let them know who it’s to and from and if you want to Schedule Send or Send Now. If you choose to schedule a date field appears and you decide when you want it to go.

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

You’ll then get your total for that card and you can then Add To Cart. After that you can create more gifts or just checkout. 

Make Fun, Personalized Gift Card Gifts with The Gift Card Shop!

The Gift Card Shop is a no stress, no hassle way to handle your holiday and occasion cards and gifts digitally! That means no lines at the post, no writing out numerous cards and no stamp fees and right now you can even score a hot deal! Through November 22nd when you purchase a $100 eBay gift card on you’ll receive a $5 eBay gift card bonus. (While supplies last. Limit one offer per customer)



Happy 3rd Birthday – KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer Giveaway

by Jennifer Wieland
Happy 3rd Birthday My Sweet Sanity! To celebrate we are giving away a #KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer. #giveaway



It’s kind of a big day around here on My Sweet Sanity! Let me give you a little hint… Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday My Sweet Sanity! Happy Birthday to you!… I guess that ended up being more than a little hint, huh? You got the idea though. Three years ago today My Sweet Sanity was born! 

Through the three years the blog has gone from a baking blog to a full on food blog. I’ve added in crafts, travel, reviews and family fun to make it a more family focused blog. I really like where the blog is at right now but there is always room for improvement and growth and I hope to see those come to be this year. 

So what does all this mean for you, my readers? It means that this month on the blog it is going to be one big party. Starting today and throughout the rest of the month I will be hosting several giveaways. What are the prizes you ask? They are going to be things that I absolutely love!

It’s time to celebrate with a giveaway!

To kick off the giveaways we are going big! Since I bake a lot I have not one but two KitchenAid stand mixers. (I would get a third but I’m fairly certain my husband would freak out if I did.) I honestly don’t know how I survived without one for years. I am giving one of my readers a chance to win the same model and color of one of my KitchenAid mixers.Happy 3rd Birthday My Sweet Sanity! To celebrate we are giving away a #KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer. #giveaway


So here are all the details you may need or want to know about the mixer:

Model # KV25GOXMC
10-Speed Professional Stand Mixer Will Turn You into a Pastry Wizard

10-Speed 5-quart chrome professional stand mixer makes it easy to create all kinds of wonderful baked goods This professional-quality mixer provides all the power to properly blend batters and dough for cakes, breads, cookies, pies and more. It has ten different speeds for various tasks. The stainless steel bowl holds up to five quarts.

The 10-speed professional stand mixer has a bowl lift head making it easy to add ingredients to the bowl and check on mixing progress as you go along. Unique mixing action spins the shaft counter-clockwise while the beater spins clockwise. An ergonomic handle makes it conveniently more comfortable to lift the bowl from the stand. The hinged hub cover flips up so it is easy to add attachments. The professional stand mixer comes with a flat beater, spiral dough hook and a wire whip.

10-Speed 5-quart chrome professional stand mixer takes the hard work out of cooking up all kinds of baked goods
Fast and easy way to mix dough and batter for bread, cakes, cookies and more
10 Variable speeds for different dough and batter types
Stainless steel bowl that can hold up to 5 quarts
Tilt head for easy access to the bowl and its contents
Ergonomic handle makes lifting the bowl easier
Hub is hinged so it flips up for adding or removing attachments
The professional mixer comes with flat beater, spiral dough hook and a wire whip
The mixer weighs 27 lbs
Dimensions are 14″ x 8″ x 14.5″

It’s time to enter for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Twenty-One Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

by Jennifer Wieland
Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

I started college when I was seventeen and found out a few months in that I was pregnant. I was terrified! I lived at home and my mother always told us kids if we got pregnant or got anyone pregnant (for my brother) to not bother coming home. With that drilled into my head I was petrified to tell my parents that they were on their way to becoming grandparents and I did a pretty good job of hiding it from my family until the end of March. At that point I finally started showing and they pieced it together and promptly freaked out when they found out how far along I was. Luckily though they did not kick me out but helped instead. What a relief that turned out to be because about four weeks before my due date I got preeclampsia and blew up like a balloon overnight due to all of the water I was retaining. Hello 68 pounds in two weeks! So thirteen days before my due date at 3:36 a.m. after 24 hours of back labor twenty-one years ago my life changed forever in the most amazing, wonderful and awe-inspiring way for the first of six times. I welcomed my son Brandon Michael into the world where despite being a couple of weeks early he came in at a whopping 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 22″ long. (Thank God he did not have time to get any bigger!)

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

Having him when I did made me a single, teen mother and it was hard and I worried whether or not I would do a good job all of the time. I didn’t care that I couldn’t go out and party. In fact, I didn’t want to because honestly I already had the greatest little guy at home. So instead, my little man and I hung out together and have continued to throughout the years. (He’s such a great kid he went and sat through Les Miserables with me just to make me happy one night while he was home from school.) While he knows I am Mom and not his friend he knows he can talk to me about anything and he often does still, which makes me happy to know that he still needs me for advice. Sometimes there were points that it felt like we were growing up together. Me trying to stumble my way through adulthood and him through childhood as best as we both could while holding each others hands. We made it through though and he is a smart, kind and caring man now who I couldn’t be more proud of. He is heading into his senior year of college at a great private school with a 3.7 GPA as a Geology major with a minor in Economics. He has landed a great internship for this summer and last and is looking at grad schools now.

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

He is now all grown-up and a man but he will always be my first baby, the first of the six pieces of my heart and my one constant throughout my adult life.

Happy 21st Birthday Brandon

Happy Birthday Brandon!


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