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Make it Through Mom Life with Grace, Wit, Poise®, Heart

by Jennifer Wieland
Make it Through Mom Life with Grace, Wit, Poise®, Heart & Save Money! Share your #PoiseMoment #ad

I have spent my life experiencing what it’s like to be a number of types of moms. I’ve been the teen mom, the single mom, a working mom, a blended family mom, a stay-at-home mom, a work from home mom, a mom to boys, a mom to a girl, a special needs mom, a mom to adult children. I’ve made it through all of these variations of mom life with grace, wit, Poise®, Heart and I’ve tried to learn from each of these mom roles. 

Make it Through Mom Life with Grace, Wit, Poise®, Heart & Save Money! Share your #PoiseMoment #ad

One of the lessons I’ve learned being all of those types of moms is that I’m also, at times, a leaky mom. When I say this I don’t just mean those proud mom moments where your happiness brings a tear to your eye. I don’t even mean those moments where you’re at your mom breaking point and need a good cry. Nope, what I’m talking about is those moments where I laugh a little to hard, sneeze with too much force or cough a little to hard. 

Every single time I experience leaky mommy I immediately have that song pop into my head. You know the song I mean. The chorus from that Oops! song from Britney but with totally different words running through my head. It goes something like this…

Oops, I did it again
I sneezed way to hard, I giggled too much
Oh no, not again
Oops, I didn’t mean to leak
Muscles are a bit weak
I’m done with Kegels

Thankfully, I have Poise® Pads with ContourFIT* to help me out when I laugh even harder at myself for making up crazy songs lyrics in my head. Poise® Pads with ContourFIT* are designed to with a woman’s body in mind. They have a wide front and back to provide you with coverage and protection where you need it most, while the comfortable curves in the middle naturally conform to move with your body. They even provide great 3-in-1 bladder protection for dryness, comfort and odor control. Poise® pads are designed to fit better with less bunching and bulkiness in the middle, for the protection you trust, now with a better fit! Even better, right now you can save $2 on Poise® products.




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