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52 Week Savings Challenge

by Jennifer Wieland
52 Week Savings Challenge Printable

I am sure by now everyone has seen the 52 week savings challenge online somewhere. It’s been all over Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It was all over the place last year too. It is a very simple idea on how to save over $1000 this year. Each week you set aside some money in a bank account, jar, piggy bank, drawer, sock, whatever you want to use for storage. The first week of the year you set aside $1. The 30th week of the year you set aside $30. The 50th week of the year you set aside $50. When all is said and done you end up with $1378. That is a nice little chunk of change at the end of the year that can be used by everyone I’m sure, for something.

The problem I have with the challenge though is that come November and December, holiday season, you are having to set aside large amounts of money each week. I don’t know about you but $202 just for the month of December when I am Christmas shopping is going to be rough for our family and I can’t believe that we are the only family in that situation cialis 20mg australia.

I decided to go ahead and do the challenge but I changed it up to meet my needs. I get to pick what amount goes in for each week. I will save my low amounts for times when money is tight and get the big amounts out-of-the-way when we have more financial leeway. So to do this though, I knew I would need a printable that I could cross the amounts off of as I went along. Now all I have to do is pick an amount each week and then draw a line or punch a hole through the corresponding amount on my printable.

52 Week Savings Challenge Printable

You can get the printable version below.

52 Week Savings Challenge

Hopefully this helps me finally start to save some money. I am horrible at it! Do you have any savings tips to start off the New Year with that you follow each year?


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