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Captain Obvious is Running for President

by Jennifer Wieland
Captain Obvious is Running for President with the support of


Whoa! Wait a minute! There’s a presidential race going on? It’s full of controversy and colorful characters? One being Captain Obvious as he literally runs for president through all 50 states? Wow! Talk about pounding the pavement! 

Captain Obvious is Running for President with the support of

With all of the pomp and circumstance, the video clips being shred all over social media and the outlandish headlines from political debates it’s nice to know that Captain Obvious is taking the simple approach and simply using his two feet to run for President. You can follow his efforts and watch all of the hard work he’s putting into his campaign on the “Captain Obvious Runs For President” site. He’ll be providing satirical commentary on what has already proven to be an “interesting” election year.

Captain Obvious is Running for President with the support of is fully supporting Captain Obvious during his state-to-state race because they believe in the simplicity of his race as much as he does – and since he’ll need a place to sleep at night they are providing him a place to rest his sweaty head. They’re not stopping there though. They will also be providing him with running shoes, socks, shorts and everything else he needs to keep him going on his long run.

Captain Obvious is Running for President with the support of

Photo courtesy of

Get Gear and Donate to Great Charities!

When you visit the “Captain Obvious Runs For President” site you can find come funny stuff to buy to show your support but you can also make a donation. No, these donations won’t be to a politicians campaign chest. These donations will be made to wonderful charities that do amazing work throughout the entire country. 

Captain Obvious is Running for President with the support of

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For some daily funny in your life and to follow Captain Obvious on his run for the presidency you are definitely going to want to follow him on Twitter!

Captain Obvious is Running for President with the support of

That’s a fine salute you have there Captain Obvious and we salute you and on your attempt to make this year’s presidential race funnier and more lighthearted! 



Marriage Survival Basket

by Jennifer Wieland
Marriage Survival Basket




Spring is almost in the air now and that means spring and summer weddings are right around the corner. On coming up in my life is for my brother who is getting married next week. This past weekend was the bachelorette party which I wasn’t able to attend but wanted to send a gift. I know a lot of people think of bachelorette parties are all about dirty gifts but that’s just not my thing. I wanted it to be something that celebrates and pokes fun at the highs and lows of marriage. That’s how I came up with the idea for a marriage survival basket.

For my marriage survival basket I wanted it to include fun, useful and silly items. Things that would make the bride laugh when she read the card and what each item was for. I did also want them to be truly useful though because anyone who’s married knows there are definitely both good times and bad.

Marriage Survival Basket

Marriage Survival Basket

Champagne, sparkling wine, Prosecco or sparkling cider

Eye mask

Ear plugs



Love note cards

A store gift card

Edible body paint

Silly sex book

Chocolate… lots and lots of chocolate

A nice basket

Printed note card (You can print out the one I made or create your own but definitely use some cute card stock paper to print it on.)

Cellophane wrap

A bow or ribbon

Tissue paper or newspaper

Marriage Survival Basket

Marriage Survival Basket Assembly Instructions

Place your items into your basket and place them in an aesthetically pleasing way. Use the tissue paper or newspaper to raise, lower and protect items from banging. Attach the printed note card and then use the cellophane wrap to wrap up the basket. Close the top of the cellophane wrap by wrapping a bow or ribbon around the bunched up cellophane at the top.

If you use the same items and want to print of the note card I used then just click on the picture to download and print the file. Be sure to use some pretty paper to print it out on to make it pop!

Marriage Survival Basket Note




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