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Take Your Rooms from Meh to Marvelous with New Curtains

by Jennifer Wieland
Take your rooms from meh to marvelous with new curtains! #Eclipse
Thank you to Eclipse™ for sponsoring today’s post! All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

I have been slowly working my way through rooms in my house. Trying to update them from when we bought the house over fifteen years ago and I had no idea about decorating a house to my now favorite, mid-century modern style. My dining room in particular has been an eyesore made even worse by the fat that it’s the room you walk into when you walk in the front door. They have really made a huge difference in taking my stuck in a rut, meh, 90’s flashback dining room into something more modern and fitting with the look I’m ultimately going for in my home. 


Take your rooms from meh to marvelous with new curtains! #Eclipse

Trying to Escape the 90’s

A few years ago I was on a kick, trying to brighten up the look of my house. I knew even then that something as simple as changing out your window coverings could do the trick, and boy, did I need something to do the trick! My dining room has one longer, regular width window and the other wall is almost entirely window. When we bought the house originally, it had come with vertical blinds on both of the windows. After years of use and probably too much abuse from kids they were rather haggard looking. They were also a dull, drab oatmeal color. (I know you are totally envisioning the utter dullness this look gave my dining room.) Pair that with your classes 90’s oak table and chairs and you get the idea, everything just sort of blended into each other. 

How did I cure this oatmeal and oak monstrosity you ask? Oh, I slapped up some yellow curtains. If I want to be precise they were citrine. The color looked beautiful in the package. I put them up one night and I liked them! The next morning? Ugh, not so much! You see, when you have giant windows, whitish walls and golden oak furniture and you put up thinner, yellow curtains it gave everything a yellow tint. I’m not a blackout curtains type of gal. I like to see some light but these were too much. I also was not happy that I could see all of the wood separating the panes in the large window. It cast weird shadows that just did even less for my dining room. 

Take your rooms from meh to marvelous with new curtains! #Eclipse

Ding, Ding, We Have a Winner and It’s Blackout Curtains

I recently replaced my dining room chairs after two of my old ones bit the dust. I went with a classic church chair in charcoal grey. I still have my table but stay tuned because I am going to be building my very own dining room table soon. I’ve already ordered the hairpin legs for a total mid-century modern look. In the meantime I’m hiding the 90’s monstrosity with a table-cloth so it doesn’t detract from my gorgeous new curtains! 

I wanted curtains that had some pattern or details to them instead of just a solid color. I also wanted to get a longer curtain. I had 84″ panels up already but I had read that panels that drape the floor give a more dramatic look and I am nothing if not dramatic. I also wanted some teal, turquoise or grey in them. I spent days searching, trying to find the absolutely perfect Eclipse™ curtains. I was down to two styles. I liked both of them but there was just something missing. Then I hit the jackpot! I tried a few more sites online and came across some Eclipse Curtains that I knew were IT! The Benchley Thermaweave Blackout Curtain Panels from Eclipse™ were perfection!

Take your rooms from meh to marvelous with new curtains! #Eclipse

Once the arrived I knew I had made the right choice just looking at them in the packages. I was still hesitant though because i had thought that before only to have my bubble burst. I wanted to put them up right away but then the kids got sick (Thank you back-to-school cooties!) and then I’ve been battling not one, not two but three medical problems since the beginning of October. (Getting old really stinks sometimes!) A few days ago was the first time I could really move around for more than brief snippets of time, wasn’t at a doctor’s appointment or having tests run. I jumped at the chance to finally get these Eclipse™ curtains up. After everything that’s been going on I needed something to put a smile on my face. 

The New Eclipse™ Curtains Wowed My Crowd

I put the new Eclipse™ curtains up a few days ago and when I did I stood back and looked and smiled like an idiot. They make such a huge difference in the look of my dining room and what you see when you walk in through my front door. Even better, that giant wall of window which is an old, drafty original to the house is now less drafty! 

Take your rooms from meh to marvelous with new curtains! #Eclipse

As each of the kids and the husband came home that day I heard nothing but exclamations of, “Wow! along with how great the room looked and what a huge difference it made. These beautiful Benchley Eclipse™ curtains have made such a huge difference in the look of my dining room. They have also made an area of my house plagued with drafty, old windows warmer than it was before. 

Take your rooms from meh to marvelous with new curtains! #Eclipse

If you’d like to learn more about Eclipse™ products visit their website. There you’ll be able to learn about the different types of curtains, learn how to measure and find retailers. If you want inspiration to turn your rooms from meh to marvelous then be sure to follow Eclipse™ on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram




Direct Energy – Live Brighter and Earn Plenti Points

by Jennifer Wieland
Direct Energy #LiveBrighter



Summer is a time in my house where energy consumption goes way up. Try as I might it just happens. With the kids out of school and getting more time on electronics and with the central air running our energy bill just likes to creep up. That’s why this summer I have been working to #LiveBrighter through greener living. Luckily for my rewards program loving self, Direct Energy has made it easier to live brighter and earn Plenti points all at the same time. 

Direct Energy #LiveBrighter

This year I have made an investment in my home and my energy consumption by switching out all of my light bulbs to LED ones. These use significantly less energy (even less than CFL bulbs) and have helped to reduce my family’s energy consumption. I’m also working to change out curtains in my house to energy-efficient ones that will help with not only my cooling bills during the summer but also my heating bills during the cold months. Making my home greener and more energy friendly is a great thing not only for my wallet but for the environment as well. 

Direct Energy #LiveBrighter


Direct Energy Plenti

Have you already signed up and been earning rewards points with Plenti? No?

Plenti lets you earn points at one place and use them at another, all within a single rewards program so that keeping track of your rewards is simple. 

That’s right people. You can go shopping at certain stores, book travel, buy gasoline for your car at certain places and yes, even get your home energy from a great company all while earning points to be used at tons of places. Right now new customers will be able to earn 1,000 Plenti points at enrollment when they sign up for Plenti at www.Plenti.com and link their Plenti card number to their Direct Energy account; Existing Direct Energy customers will also earn 1,000 Plenti point when they sign up for Plenti at www.Plenti.com and link their Plenti card number to their Direct Energy account.

Visit www.directenergy.com/plenti for more information on Direct Energy’s Plenti points program.

Direct Energy #LiveBrighter

Direct Energy Savings

Now if that isn’t awesome enough, you can sign up for Direct Energy and you will receive a $75 pre-paid gift card when you sign up. Use promo code LIVEBRIGHTER75 – valid until August 15th!



Wayfair Statement Lighting: Take Your Rooms From Frumpy to Fab

by Jennifer Wieland

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring today’s post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I am fairly certain that if I could find an archeologist to come visit my house they would take one look at my home and want to study it by mistaking it as a neanderthal cave. That’s right, I just referred to my home as a Neanderthal cave. It’s highly decorated walls with stick figures and animals thanks to the kids along with the general dimness due to a lack of east and west-facing windows and it’s sad, sad 80’s and 90’s lighting throughout the house really dates the whole place. Lucky for me the kids are no longer drawing on the walls and I now feel safe to go ahead and start doing major room overhauls. I’ve been on the Wayfair website envisioning what I want and how it will look in a certain room. One thing I know that has to be on the top of my list is Wayfair statement lighting because I have a bunch of rooms that need to go from frumpy to fab and brightening them up with lighting will help do the trick.

Lighting is one of those great ways that you can instantly change the look and feel of your room. You can brighten a room, add some color or add some ambiance all with lighting. Add some statement lighting and your personality can really show through your entire house. That’s what I am hoping to do in my home. My downstairs is an open floor plan that includes the kitchen, dining room and family room. The odd thing about it all though is that the kitchen and family room are fairly small but my dining room is huge and just happens to be the room you walk into when you enter the house. The kitchen and family rooms have ceiling fans with lights in them for the lighting and the dining room has a small chandelier. With a small chandelier and no other lighting in the dining room 2/3 of the room sits in darkness or low lighting in the evenings. The lighting in the kitchen and family room isn’t much better with just a ceiling fan lighting it all.

Sometimes it’s hard to work on new recipes in my kitchen at night since the lighting is poor. I’m planning on adding a pastry station for me to work on but I need to up the lighting to go with it. My kitchen got new cabinets a few years ago and all of the hardware is bronze so I am going to add that in to my lighting. I really like this Z-Lite Riviera Bronze 5 Light Kitchen Island Pendant. It would add a considerable amount of light to the room while complimenting the existing hardware.

 5 Light Kitchen Island Pendant - Wayfair.comSince my downstairs is an open floor plan I am planning on carrying the bronze lighting throughout the rest of the rooms. I also like that it gives it a sort of modern, rustic feel. This Yosemite Home Decor Tioga Pass 5 Light Chandelier will do a perfect job of updating my 90’s dining room chandelier while carrying the kitchen’s bronze over.

Yosemite Home Decor Tioga Pass 5 Light Chandelier - Wayfair.com

 My family room is so tiny that it is just able to hold a TV, couch and one table and it has these ridiculously tiny windows. I really want to add a lot more lighting into this room so that it helps to make it look larger than it is. To do this I am thinking that some modern track lighting is what this room calls for and I really like this Cal Lighting Serpentine 7 Light Track Light with Swirl Glass. It’s simple pretty and again in bronze.

Cal Lighting Serpentine 7 Light Track Light with Swirl Glass - Wayfair.com


Now, I currently have no lamps but I think adding some would make a world of difference. Here are the ones that I think would go well to add some extra light but go with my other ceiling choices:

Bronze floor and table lamps found on Wayfair.com

I really love the look of these with the bronze shades but I’m not sure how bright the light would be with those shades.

Adjustable bronze floor and table lamps  - Wayfair.com

I love that these are adjustable and I like the extra light on the floor lamp because that would be perfect for reading by and I do a lot of reading. With either choice though it would make a huge difference in my current lighting situation!

Are you now thinking about updating your lighting? With the holidays coming in the blink of any eye, now is the perfect time to update the lighting in your house and Wayfair is making it even easier to do it. Right now through November 10 you can use the code WFLAMPS15 for 15% off all Lamps.



Home Is Where the Chaos Is Free Printable

by Jennifer Wieland
Home Is Where the Chaos Is Free Printable

Yesterday I was sitting here at my desk working when I realized how utterly quiet it was in my house. No kids running around, no screaming, yelling, singing or talking, no sounds of play, no music blaring or video game sound effects and I realized that for the first time in my adult life this is what peace and quiet sounds like. I have to tell you, it sounds amazing! I had no idea what I was missing out on. I believed when this day came I wouldn’t know what to do with myself because the quiet would be so foreign to me but, it’s all good. I’ve totally got to admit that I got used to it really, really quickly. So much so that I decided to make a home is where the chaos is free printable in honor of what the place is usually like.

Now don’t go getting me wrong, I absolutely adore my children and love the little boogers to death but, when you are facing forty at the end of the year and have been a mom since the age of eighteen not having children underfoot at home all the time is a totally new and fascinating take on life. When my three oldest were little I worked and then after I married and I had the next three I tried to work and I have here and there when I could work part-time and work it around my husband’s schedule or when I could work from home. So this year with little miss finally making her way into kindergarten this marks the first time that we are not the loud crazy, chaotic house on the block from sun up to sundown. Nope now we’re only the crazy, chaotic house after school.

Home Is Where the Chaos Is Free Printable

I decided to make this printable almost sweet-like in its bright, candy colors because it completely goes against the whole chaos thing. Most people would look at it and just see the simple kid colored looking house and start to read the text and assume it says home is where the heart is instead of home is where the chaos is. To snag your own copy to print, frame and decorate your chaotic abode with just click on the picture above.




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