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Handmade Disney Frozen Knit Elsa Hat

by Jennifer Wieland
Handmade Disney Frozen Elsa Hat

The things we do as mothers for our children! I love my kids to bits and I always want to see them as happy as possible like every other parent with their child but sometimes I know I can get a little carried away. Since January of this year Ellie has known that she was going to be Elsa for Halloween. Like many other little girls Elsa and Anna are the end all be all in Halloween costumes this year. We had planned on her using her No-Sew Elsa Dress that I made her just before my cruise but that one has become her play dress that she wears around the house all the time. No, for her she needed the real dress! Luckily I found a deal on that a few months back on Jane and ordered it for under $20. She was blissfully excited to see it arrive and I had to hide it at the top of her closet to keep her from it. Then she hit me with, “I want to have Elsa hair!” I know you are thinking what’s the big deal just get her the wig. The problem though is that she has had some dress up wigs for Snow White and Strawberry Shortcake and she hated them. She did not like keeping them on. So I was excited when Jane had a handmade Disney Frozen knit Elsa hat complete with braid.

The hat was adorable but I had a couple of problems with the ones I saw online. First off, each one had a blue crown knit into it. Now, I am more neurotic than most people but Elsa does not where a crown once she changes into her blue gown and lets her hair down and the crown she did have had been small and gold. My second issue was that the hats were made from white, white yarn. Elsa’s hair is not white, white but an off white, cream blonde sort of color. My third problem was that the braids were small and only attached to the very back of the hat. Lastly, my issue was that the hats were pricey to me. Last winter I taught myself to arm knit and then regular knit and I have made scarves and blankets but I had never made a hat. So of course I decided to teach myself to knit a hat and make my Elsa hat.

Handmade Disney Frozen Elsa Hat

Now I am not going to go into details because there are way better videos and instructions online than what I could ever provide as a novice knitter but I did want to share that I was able to successfully make a handmade Disney Frozen Knit Elsa Hat for my daughter and that she completely loves it! I simply knit a flat hat and then added fringe all the way around for the “hair”. I used 2 48″ pieces for each one. I then styled the “hair” by twisting two sections of fringe and adding another two all the way to the back on each side. I then braided the “hair” and tied it off with some yarn and then trimmed the end up so that it looked nice. Best part, it only cost me $2.75 for the yarn and she can wear it all winter now.

Handmade Disney Frozen Elsa Hat

Now, if you are like I was and want to learn how to knit I found the video series for beginner knitting on to be a great help to me.




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