Teacher Appreciation Day Candy Bar Wrapper Printable

by Jennifer Wieland
Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Day Candy Bar Wrapper



Teacher Appreciation Day is this week and teachers definitely deserve some appreciation. This year besides doing the blog here I have also worked as a recess supervisor at the school my two youngest kids go to. I know first hand how much school staff goes through day in and day out to help your kids learn and grow. In my district though most parents do end of year gifts instead of Teacher Appreciation Day gifts. This is what I plan to do but I also want to give them something on Teacher Appreciation Day that will let them know that I am thinking of them and how much they do each day and how a sugar and caffeine boost midday can make all the difference in the world. Also, since I have three kids in elementary school and all of them are on IEPs they see a lot of teachers each week between them all. That’s why I designed these Teacher Appreciation Day Candy Bar Wrapper Printables. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to let your child’s teachers know that you appreciate all they do.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Day Candy Bar Wrapper

Since these were designed to go to teachers I went with the obvious and classic, green school chalkboard motif. The front detail looks like early elementary lined paper with a thank you blurb in a child-like script.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Day Candy Bar Wrapper

The back side when wrapped has a message wishing them a happy Teacher Appreciation Day in a bolder font. Both fonts were done in a pale yellow to replicate the old school yellow chalk that used to be in so many classrooms back in the day. I also added the standard apples on for embellishment.

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Day Candy Bar Wrapper

It’s quick and easy to make these. All you have to do is print out the free printable, cut them out, wrap them around a candy bar, tape and you are done and ready to gift. To download the printable just click HERE.


Do you have a gift you like to give your kid’s teachers?


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