Tips On How To Stay Safe On A Cruise

by Jennifer Wieland

Cruising is by far one of the safest and most pleasant forms of travel. And while most cruises pass without incident, they are, after all, similar to land-based vacations, Locksmith and vacation cruiseswhere anything could happen. People do get mugged and their luggage does get stolen during cruising. So it is imperative to take sufficient precautionary measures to make sure you will enjoy a pleasant and peaceful cruise. Today I want to reveal to you some of the most efficient cruise safety precautions you should keep in mind next time you are getting ready for a fun trip on the water.

Stay Safe Inside Your Cabin

  • Upon your arrival, inspect the door on your cabin. See if it has a dead bolt installed and use it. If there is no dead bolt, use a doorstopper.

  • If you haven’t packed one, a cabin steward should be able to quickly provide you with one. It is best to pack one, just to be sure. Go to your local hardware store or talk to your regular home locksmith and ask them to recommend one. You can opt for one that also features a built-in alarm, or a portable door lock that can be easily installed on any door with already installed locks on it. If you have only used a commercial locksmith service so far, check and see if they also provide residential services.

  • It is highly advisable to have all the locks on your doors properly inspected prior to leaving on a cruise. You can take advantage of the presence of a locksmith in your home and pick their brains concerning the best types of portable locks or doorstoppers for your cruise. You’d be surprised to learn that you can even use personal screaming alarms that can be true lifesavers in case you are attacked and you cannot ask for help on your own.

  • Keep in mind not all cabin doors will automatically close behind you; some might need a firmer push to make sure the door clicks and it is properly shut.

  • Pay close attention to all of these details related to your cabin door and lock.

  • Check if you have a peephole on your door and remember to always use it before opening your cabin door when you hear a knock.

Use The Safe In Your Cabin

  • While the safe inside a ship cabin might be extremely small in size, it is not there for decoration purposes. Use it for your tablet, mid-sized laptop, smartphone, and jewelry or expensive watches. It is best however to leave your most expensive items at home to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • Do not carry large amount of cash on you; most cruises will allow you to complete transactions via the key to your room. Use a money belt you can attach to your body when on shore trips.

  • Try to attach sturdy locks to your luggage that your locksmith can recommend and do not use any expensive bags that will draw the attention of potential thieves.

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