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Valentine’s Day Glow Stick Printable

by Jennifer Wieland
Valentine's Day Glow Stick Printable

Are your kids in a school district that no longer allows food treats at class parties? My kids are and I do miss being able to send treats but I understand why we can’t. With this though we end up with a ton of pencils at very single class party throughout the year. Pencils are inexpensive and you can always find themed ones that cover any holiday or special occasion. While I get that pencils are useful bringing home a bag of various pencils is not very exciting for the kids. So what do kids like? Mine personally love glow sticks. So I made these adorable and oh so easy to use Valentine’s Day Glow Stick Printable hearts.

 Valentine's Day Glow Stick Printable

You can snag cheap packages of glow stick bracelets at your local dollar stores. They usually have them in the toy or party supply areas and come in a variety of colors and 5-10 in a package.

 Valentine's Day Glow Stick Printable

To make these Valentine’s Day cards just download and print the below printable. Then cut each of the hearts out. Using a standard whole punch make holes on the left and right sides of the hearts. These holes should be the perfect size to hold the glow sticks in place. Carefully, slide the glow stick through the wholes and you are ready to go. The kids can write their names on the back so that their friends know just who they are from.

Valentine's Day Glow Stick Printable Valentine's Day Glow Stick Printable Valentine's Day Glow Stick Printable

Click on this link to download the Valentine’s Day Glow Stick Printable.



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