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Everything You Need To Know About the New Wayfair Custom Upholstery

by Jennifer Wieland
Wayfair Custom Upholstery - Gracie Loveseat

Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring today’s post. I did receive compensation for this post but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I love pretty things in my home! Sadly though with each additional child in my house more decorations were broken, more walls were colored on and my furniture now consists of hand me downs from friends and family because I had refused to replace stuff with nice things until the kids were older. Lucky for me they are now between the ages of 5 and 21 and my walls haven’t been colored on in a good long bit and my furniture is rarely jumped on these days. I do lose some decorations periodically still though. This means I can finally start working on my house. I’m planning on painting walls, pulling out carpeting and redecorating rooms. It’s going to be so much fun! I’m not going to have mismatched furniture anymore! I’ve already started “window shopping” and I’m just loving the new Wayfair Custom Upholstery lines.

Wayfair Custom Upholstery - Gracie Loveseat

Wayfair’s Custom Upholstery brings you beautiful pieces of furniture with the ability to select fabrics. So you end up with the selection and customization of shopping at a large, expensive furniture store with the ease of being able to do it right on your computer at home, work or wherever. The custom upholstery option not only allows you to select different colors of material but different materials themselves as well. Changing the material can change the entire texture of the piece that you select and it’s nice to be able to do that because some fabrics work better with children and pets.


There are 12 collections available with multiple custom upholstery pieces at Wayfair and they are listed here below:













Wayfair Custom Upholstery Swatches

One of my favorite things about the Wayfair Custom Upholstery is that you can order fabric swatches for the furniture piece(s) you are interested in. I recently ordered some swatches for the Gracie Loveseat and I picked six gray and blue shades in varying materials. The swatches were free of charge and arrived within a week. Each swatch has the color name for the fabric and what it is made from and each one was approximately 5″x5″ so you could really get a good look at it. This can really be a huge help in the selection process. You can then easily match the swatches up to paint, carpets and other decor ensuring that your furniture is just the right shade, fabric and texture for your home.

If you are looking for some new furniture to spruce up the house just in time for the holidays then you should take advantage of the 10% off savings code. The promo code is: WFCustom10 and it will be valid for all Custom Upholstery pieces and runs from October 16 through October 20.

I love the whole concept of not having to leave home to shop for furniture. What about you? Would you be more willing to shop for furniture online with custom upholstery pieces and fabric swatches to look at?



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